Been A Long Time!

I've missed everyone.

I've missed the writing.

I've missed the filth.

Things are so different now.

I never even said goodbye to you guys.

Sorry about that.

I'm still married. Shocker.

I'm still horny as hell.

But my sweet vagina is not what she used to me.

I'm building a relationship with God.

Haven't decided if I'm coming back yet.

Not sure if this is an ok thing to keep doing considering.

Debating sharing this side of me, the blog, with hubby.

Just wanted to poke my head up from out of the sand.

Anyone still out there?


This Shit Right Here!

This shot of a dick in an ass with two fingers in a pussy looks like it would feel fucking explosive!!

Damn! Some Friday nite. Watching porn and shoving things in my ass...alone :-{

(had to remove link sorry!)


Mister Big Dick Willy BoBo

Where are you?
Are you only in my dreams?
Oh, Mister Big Dick Willy BoBo.
Have you forsaken my sweet lips?
Upper or lower, does it really matter?
They both miss the feel of you...
In me, on me, by me, for me

Mister Big Dick Willy BoBo,
Won't you come over?
Should I click my clit three times and say:
There's no dick sweeter than yours
There's no dick sweeter than yours
There's no dick sweeter than yours

I'll be waiting...


Need Sex Bad!!!

Almost had an opportunity to get me some ole skool dick yesterday and now I'm feenin like a dick junkie!!

Had staff development and one of my favorite bed fellows was only 15 mins away...but my principal unwittingly cock blocked my early escape by showing up on my escape route just as I was leaving! I knew there was a reason why I don't like this guy!

It's funny how so much thought went into this little afternoon tryst. I was going back and forth on the whole should I or shouldn't I with my marriage in such disarray...but I'm so horny, does that make me a bad person?

Sidebar: going through church now to fix what's broke as a last ditch effort.

So, is it wrong to want to sleep with someone else while deciding whether you want to remain with your spouse or not?

What say you?


Happy Halloween Bitches!!!!

The Queen of Fucking Broken Ass Hearts!!!