7 Days of Sex Challenge...

I got this from Happily Married After and can't wait to talk to hubby about it!!! I know I've been hit or miss lately but school is almost over and you guys will have me all to yourselves for the entire summer!!!!!

Here it is:

It would have been comical to call ‘7 straight days of sex’ a challenge as a brand new married couple, but if you’ve been married any length of time or especially if you have kids, you know how busy things get. You know that time, responsibilities, and general exhaustion indeed make that a challenge. I ran across this challenge on blog, One Extraordinary Marriage. And of course it caught my attention so I wanted to share the opportunity with you.

Here’s the rub (pun intended):

What is the 7 Days of Sex Challenge: it’s you and your spouse having sex for 7 straight days from June 6th to June 12th, 2010

  • It’s an opportunity for you and your spouse to really focus on each other and make intimacy a priority in your marriage
  • It’s an opportunity to take your communication to the next level as you plan each day’s rendezvous and negotiate thru life as well
  • It’s a time for you to get creative – let’s face it, having sex in the same place, same position and the same time of day for seven days can be a little boring
  • Use this challenge as a way to break out of your routines and try something new, romantic and different.
  • Your marriage will be stronger as a result of focusing on intimacy during these seven days

Most of us haven’t had this many consecutive days of sex probably since our honeymoons. So if that isn’t reason enough to participate, Tony & Alisa at One Extraordinary Marriage have daily prizes and one grand prize for those who participate! Wow, getting rewarded for having sex! Does it get any better? To participate check their site out here

What are your thoughts on this challenge? Will you and your spouse participate?


It's all in the approach...

Yesterday as I was leaving the house to go to BJ's to do some grocery shopping (do you know this is the first time I made the filthy connection to the store being called BJs...I'm over here giggling like a 13 yr old!)
Anyhoo, as I'm getting ready with the baby at my ankle, hubby walks over grabs my ass in one hand and a tit in the other, and kisses the ever loving shit out of me! I think I was temporarily blinded! That kiss made me actually weak in the knees, and weaker still when he whispered, "I'm going to wait up for you, come in and put on something sexy."
WHOA!! Hubby is doing the damn thing! You've never seen a woman grocery shop so fast in your life with 2 kids in tow, get home, organize groceries, put kids to bed, shower, and then get fucked real proper like! I was the stuff blogs were made for - get it? I'm giddy, I know!



Happy Belated Mother's Day (Bonus HNT)

I'm terrible I know! I've been getting killed at work and my organization has had me working overtime during my usual blogging down time. But I wanted everyone to know, I'm still here, lurking in the shadows, missing you all terribly!! And hopefully sooner than later, I'll have my filthy hours back to myself really soon!!!

Happy Dirty Mama's Day! Better late than never - right?