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This blog will run once a week, and will in no way take away from my filthiness over here!! Home is where the heart is babies, but mama's gotta spread her wings (just a little bit). Every week, I will ask you all for "REAL" topics to discuss on the other side (wink wink). I hope you all continue to show your love, support, and dirty little secrets with me!!

P.S. - went to the gym yesterday and had my "free" evaluation with trainer, cum back in a few and I tell you alllllllll about it!!

P.S.S. - this is going to be a very busy week for me!! It's my son's 1st birthday! I have rehearsal for my open mic night at my school! Plus, I'm really trying to work off this baby phat!! Just letting you know in case it appears I'm MIA!



Nocturnal Chat #12 (With Bonus HNT)

I Saw You (This one is dedicated to all of my silent lurkers, it's time to cum out!)

It was one of those mornings when everything that could go wrong went wrong, and I was lucky enough to make it into the parking lot at work on time. I needed to blow off some steam before stepping inside for my full day on the job. I pulled out my iPhone and threw on some porn to release some of those endorphins in my harried brain. Of course, I found my favorite clip of two big strong mandingos plowing their dicks into this big tittied heifer's ass and pussy. Before I realized what I was doing, I had a hand down my pants and I was gently pulling on my clit between my index and middle finger. When I slipped one of them past my lips I was so surprised by the slickness that my head went back, eyes closed, and a soft moan escaped my lips. I was lost in the folds of my own wetness and I worked my fingers delightfully to the rhythm provided by my porn buddies on the dash in front of me. Absently, I reached into my bag and grabbed the first long and hard thing I could find - a lotion bottle, which I quickly plunged inside me and squeezed my thighs as tight as I could. Back and forth I rocked on that little bottle and my hand added extra friction. The heifer's moans were getting louder and the distinct sound of balls slapping pussy threw me over the edge and I came so hard I had to grab the steering wheel with my other hand to control the orgasm that was firing away and spreading all throughout my limbs. Once the throbbing abated I remembered where I was. I quickly removed the lotion bottle, fastened my pants, wiped the sweat off of my upper lip, and that's when I saw him. He was standing in the third floor stairwell window, and when I made eye contact he turned away and disappeared. Had he been watching me the entire time? Or just passing on his way to or from class? I didn't have time to ponder as the second period bell was already ringing and I was going to be late. I spent the next three periods wondering who the mystery man in the stairwell was and giggling at my open boldness. During my prep period I checked my mailbox and that's when I got my answer. In it was a small envelope with my name neatly written across the front, inside was a simple message that said:
"I saw what you did. Find the stairwell, and leave me that little bottle under the third window from the right. Hope you didn't wash it off. You have until the end of sixth period or I'm sending you to the Principal's office."

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Quote of the day...(With Bonus HNT)

While counseling one of my former graduates on why he needs to break up with his girlfriend so that he can focus on getting his life together, he days, "Mrs. you need to be single cuz you know you got it going on!". WHAT?! He is 13 years my junior! Came out of left field and made my fucking week!!!! I'm still one sexy ass teacher!!!!


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Feeling Sorry for Him?

I was all set to post a nice filthy little number when I got the following anonymous comment on the previous post, New Tings Brewing:
"Anonymous said...
Good thing hyou are putting off your you know whayt, make it for good while you are at it. I am already feeling sorry for your husband. He might commit suicide. Marriage tryuly is tricky but the bed should be undefiled."

Check the post if you don't believe, the English teacher in me wanted to first take a red pen to all the spelling and grammatical errors, and then I really saw was red when I got to the line about "feeling sorry for your husband. He might commit suicide". Really? Now, I don't want to scare off any of my readers, lurkers, fans, or foes with this response, but I feel compelled to say something. Anonymous, I have to believe that you're new to my blog or else I don't see how it is humanly possible to feel sorry for my husband who has a wife that not only loves him but wants, begs, and pleads to have sex, make love, fuck him almost every fucking day of the week for the past 5 years! I wear the outfits, I put on the stillettos, I keep a freshly trimmed bush at all times, my hair is always done, I grope him a minimum of 5 times a damn day. I send him naughty texts and naked pics of myself a few days out of the week. I posed for boudiour pictures for our anniversary as my gift to him! I masturbate for him, watch porn with him like we're at the fucking movies, and let's not forget the regular wifely duties! I'm only one that cooks in this house, I clean, I primarily take care of our two children while he works nights. I WORK FULL TIME! And no matter whether I'm sick, tired, depressed, hungry, feeling fat and bloated, I still have to BEG him 4 times out of 7 day fucking week to sleep with me, and I say only 4 because he'd rather catch up on sleep and I stopped playing myself asking every day! If it weren't for the fact that he works and sleeps the majority of his days and nights, I'd think HE was the one having an affair! In fact, I even gave him permission to cheat, if it meant that I could also have my cake and eat it too, plus alleviate his stress of me constantly hounding him for sex, and beating him in the head that I'm not happy with our sex life! So, Anonymous, before you go feeling all sorry for his ass, read everything I've had to say over the past few months. Committ Suicide?!?! How many fucking husbands can complain to their friends that their wife wants to fuck every day?? PUUULLLLLEEEEEEEZZZZZEEE!!!


New T'ings Brewing

Hey, I've decided to put the whole filthy-nasty-idea-of-being-so-bad-I-might-regret-it-cheating thing on hold for a little while longer. I've got a NEW NASTY JOB!! I was offered by an online sex site to write! There's no money in it, but it's another opportunity for my dirty thoughts to get elsewhere. I will post the link as soon as I'm up and running over there. And have no fear sugars, I'll still be here for all of you!! Also, I was all set a few days ago to post a really long rant where I ask my lurkers to come forward, but Soulpowers beat me to it! I thought the whole point of anonimity is that no one really knows who anybody is, right? If that's the case, why are so many people afraid to voice thier dirty thoughts and questions. I, too, can't grow as a nasty girl if I don't get feedback, whether negative or positive, right? Anyhoo, I thought his rant captured everything I was thinking, what do you think:


Answering Prop. 3 Questions

Thank you all for your responses (finally LOL). I thought it best to address all the questions in one post, instead trying to comment individually:

  1. NW and Voyeur36 - asked what IF he finds out? how do you explain how it happened? If he were to find out, it more than likely would be due to my admission because with his late hours, it would be very easy to make it happen. The only explanation would be an honest one, he already knows that I feel the urge and that my needs aren't being met.

  2. Bill - asked (alot). No I haven't made up my mind at all. What will he reaction be when he finds out? He'll be angry, possibly try to kick me out, because he's not the one to leave (go back over past posts to see that. Do you think he will be understanding and "forgive" you? No, I can see him keeping me in this marriage and holding it over my head for years. Will it destroy your marriage and if so, will the experience have been worth it? It may destroy my marriage and then no it would not be worth it at all. Will you require the men to wear condoms? HELL FUCKING YES! Have you considered setting up a video camera to capture the session? Um, NO! The surest way to get caught is to hold on to blatant evidence. Have you discussed fidelity with your husband? Yes, a thousand times, yes. Read the ranting post. How would I feel about him having sex with other women? As long as I could be one of the women or watch.

If more questions come up, I'll add them. For right now, I find it interesting that the votes lean towards fulfilling the fantasy, but the comments clearly seem to voice on the side of sticking to my marriage. I went out for lunch with a my BFF today and she's been silently following the blog and she insisted that I do the right thing and honor my vows, and hat there are so many other components to a marriage than just sex. While I know this is true, then why does sex weigh so heavily for me? It is exhausting trying to get him to see the light, and the idea that he may never is depressing as hell. I'm still not sure that I'd be able to live like that. I do love my husband, and these first four years have been quite an uphill battle. It seems that now that many of our other issues are taken care of (for the most part), what's left is our sex life or my lack of enjoying it on a consistent basis. Today we were both home, I went out for that hour, and my BFF hung out for about an hour, which left us several hours before dinner and his sleep time. Knowing our previous conversation, he made not one attempt to get physical (besides his peck when he came home from work this morning). Both kids were home, but our 9yr loves "babysitting" the baby even for a little while and we could have had them play upstairs...but as usual the thought never ever enters his mind. Add to the fact that he thinks it's wrong for us to be remotely affectionate in front of them. I still haven't completely made up my mind, but this is going to be one of the toughest decisions I've had to make in a really long time.

Oh, yeah, HHNT...Thoughful


What The Hell? Where is Everyone?!?!

I post this HUGE life altering proposal (PROP. 3) and have only received one comment??!! I've been checking all day to see how you guys feel and to get some advice and I just see little crickets dancing on my screen. No love? Did I get too real? Is the fantasy too much? I thought we were way beyond the tip toe topics and delving into the heart of the filthy girl's mind.

Can you please show me some love and attention? I know you're visiting, I know you are...but why isn't anyone saying anything??!!

(Hate to say it, but if I've made you all uncomfortable, I'll pull the post...have never done that, but it is what it is)


Comment Confusion

I thought I was getting no love today when I didn't receive any comments on Prop. 3 Evidentally, the comments were somehow turned off...COMMENTS ARE BACK ON NOW!! Would really love to hear from you guys, because based on the poll, you all are just as confused as I am. I thought surely my fiendish fellows would have distincly voted one way or another, but DAMN, it's close!!


Prop. 3

All this week I've been in talks with Soul about my needs not being met by my husband, and up until this point he's always been a proponent of keeping to my vows. Well, I'm not sure what changed his mind but this week he pretty much told me, "Fuck it!" and to give him a chance. Not just any chance but a dominate-the-fuck-out-of-you chance. You all know how badly I want to leave my control at the door and get tied up and dominated, well, now Soul wants to be the one to give it to me. He literally told me, not asked, nor suggested, but told me I better have a date for us to meet in the next 30 days by tomorrow. I giggled my way through it but am so intrigued. To sweeten the offer, Soul made me continue my daily tasks in my office while he gave me an oral solo performance over the phone. I can not tell you how difficult it was to talk to my students about transcripts and college applications while he whispered dirty thoughts as he stroked himself into a frenzy. I had half a mind to kick everyone out of my office, but then I would have failed the test. My task was to be able to do my job and listen, get excited, but do nothing to give away what was happening on the other end of the line. I nearly dropped the phone when he came in my honor. What a beautifully loud tribute he gave me that had my panties wet for the remainder of the afternoon. It was after this that he texted me the above mentioned instructions and told me that he was no longer kidding, this wasn't a joke, and he was to be taken seriously. What do I do? I get on the phone with BD and tell him what happened. Somehow, somewhere between talking to both BD and Soul, Prop. 3 was created. BD basically told me that he will be back in town for Thanksgiving weekend and how would I feel about having my threesome with him and Soul. 'AHoly Shit! Gulp! Drip! WTF! A million different things are playing in my head and they're all bad, very, very bad!! In light of my conversation with hubby this morning, I'm possibly about to do a really bad thing: fulfill my all time #1 fantasy of having a threesome - and not just a regular 3some (if there is such a thing) but a tag-team-take-turns-fuck-her-in-both-holes-while-tied-up kind of threesome! I'm all for spontaneity, however, if I do this it has to be premeditated, meaning: we have to set up a date, time, and place. I told Soul this morning, that in all good conscience, I probably could only come up with date and time, but would need them to set up the rest, without hesitation he said, "No problem, put BD in touch with me". Am I wrong here? I always felt that if I cheated it would be something that just sorta happened, but to plan it out, to me makes it that much more heinous. Angel keeps telling me, "Oh, you just have to keep working with your husband, it'll take time, but he'll get it", and that sneaky little devil keeps whispering, "You've tried everything, even told the man he's going to force you to cheat, you're a sexy bitch and deserve some real good fucking, so stop the deliberating and go get yours!" HELP! I'm going to put a poll up and I need you all to weigh in on Prop. 3! (also put up a gadget for you guys to ask questions).

Rant First...More Decisions to Follow...

The fight between good and evil still wages on my shoulders. Even after analgasms last weekend I knew not to get excited. An entire week goes by and nothing, nada, zippo, zilch, not a tongue, not a kiss, not a caress, not a pinch, not a fucking thing! His excuse, of course, was that I was sick...but I asked him as I'll ask you: doesn't sex make everything feel better? He couldn't deny that and admitted that he could have sex no matter how he's feeling. Ok, so why would he think anything less of his sex hungry wife??!?! It's like one step forward and two steps back every time. I knew not to get excited over getting him to give me anal (one of my fantasies), I just knew he'd fall back into the rut. Mind you, I was even home for 2 days this week, and one of those days our 9 yr old wasn't even home!! So afternoon quickies could have been all over this damn house! I told him in no uncertain terms this morning that he is making it extremely difficult to stay true to our vows because we have to keep having this same tired ass conversation about what I need and how I need it on a consistent basis. Now that we've got the work schedule all squared away, he's working only one job, and sleeping more now than he's ever slept in our entire relationship, he's still using SLEEP as his excuse, oh, and a bad back for last night's infraction (don't even want to go there, but real quick, I told him I didn't care that I was sick since he didn't take the hint Friday night, and he promised to make me "feel better" last night. I wake up to find his hands between my legs and the beginning of some good sex. You with me? I'm peering at him since he flipped me on my stomach and I swear he's somewhere else, it was as if he was fucking the air and I wasn't even in the room. Whatever. Then 15 minutes in, he stops, flips me on my back and does that wonderful finger thing on the g-spot I love. I cum quickly. Then he climbs on top Roger Rabbits me, all the while I'm yelling, "Please don't cum yet, slow down, don't do it, don't you do it!" He cums, apologizes, rolls off, cleans up, and starts to fall asleep. I'm mad, he tells me I can get him later in his sleep. Fine. Baby gets me up around 2am and after getting him back to sleep I seize my opportunity and climb on top of him as it took only 2 strokes and he was hard for me. He opens one eye and asks me to add some lube, which was strange cuz I'm always wet, but I obliged. I start doing my magic but the magic ain't working. He's laying there and I would've have bet money I was doing a corpse! He didn't move, moan, sigh, breathe, nothing. He just fucking laid there. I took his hands and tried to get him to grab my ass, he literally just rested them on the outskirts of my hips like 2 wet ass noodles. I asked not once but twice, "are you awake?" and he replied, "yeah, go 'head". After 2 more painstaking minutes of getting no reaction whatsoever, I dramatically hopped off and theatrically sighed on my side of the bed. He just reached over to rub my shoulder and mumbled, "sorry babe", before snoring again.) Now fast forward to this mornings "ultimatum" (his words not mine). I told him I'm really tired of this and that he's leaving me no choice. At least this time, I didn't his usual sad ass apology or fake ass "I'll do better". This time he simply said, "There's nothing else I can say that you haven't heard before that won't piss you off. Just know that I fee pretty fucked up that my wife isn't happy and I have to deal with ultimatums. I know that when I make you happy, I'm that much more happy because of it." I told him that he must be allergic to change because he tries then we get in a rut, then he tries and we get in a rut...and so on and so on and so on. I'm always the one to say something or try something and I'm tired. I told him soon I'm just not going to say anything or do anything anymore, and then what? I'm trying so hard to be good, but I feel like he's making it much too easy for me!


Happy HNT!!

This HNT goes out to BD
(it was his suggestion since he missed out on filling the void between my caverns himself)

Imagination Station:
Don't you wish this is where you were...right...now...?

Happy HNT


BD Update...

Seems that the gods stepped in and made it so that I didn't have to make a decision after all. Turns out BD was in town for a funeral of a very dear relative and spent the majority of his time with his family. When we actually did catch up, he was elated after reading my post stating that I was "thinking" about it. That was Sunday, so he hadn't had a chance to read the latest blog on the wonderfully anal evening that took place the night before and how happy I was about it. When I explained it all to him, he was very understanding and offered me a consolation prize, to come by and give me a solo performance. For that, I thought, OK! Because technically I wouldn't be doing anything. We set it up for him to swing by the job on Monday and he'd do it in my office behind closed doors...well again the gods must have decided that I really needed to leave BD alone and concentrate on all the effort hubby has been exuding because his family had a huge meeting (this was the first time in a while everyone was around?). I'm surprised at myself for not feeling more disappointed but I guess in my heart of hearts I know that as long as hubby extends himself the way I want, I really don't have an excuse to go exploring. Right? (although part of me does feel like I still have some making up to do! LOL) Time shall tell!


Nocturnal Chat #11

Blacked Out Entry

It was 9:30 pm on Halloween Night, after a long day we were about to put the kiddies to bed and enjoy some much needed grownup time while watching a Halloween marathon. I had taken an early shower and decided to plug it up, just in case the mood struck my fancy. I tried to tease him while one of the little ones were in the shower by climbing on top of him and asking him to reach in to my pajama pants. He didn't reach quite far enough to feel my little surprise and then, of course, the baby woke up. After that, I figured I had it in for about 4 hours and thought, "He's gonna pull his usual stunts, why bother", and I took it out. Shortly thereafter the power on our entire block went out and it was lights out for the kiddies. He had joked about giving me some romance and know the gods had stepped in and forced his hand. With candles lit, he comically gave me his version of a strip show, I was delighted. Then I asked him what I always ask him, "Honey, can you give yourself a few strokes for me?" Of course, he said no as he always does, except this time he says it while playfully stroking. Again, I was tickled and now a little turned on. I asked him to please do it for real, and he obliged with 3 good long strokes. I felt the first throb at the tip of my clit. I'm thinking this could be a night to end all nights, so why stop there. I suggested we play one of the 10 erotic games we have hidden in the headboard that we never play. My surprise, he agreed. I didn't even hesitate as I whipped out one of the newer ones with the wrapping still on. We took turns admitting our turn ons and dislikes, kissing and petting, massaging and rekindling...it was great. The only thing that would have made the game better would have been if we could have incorporated food (blackout remember? didn't want to open the fridge) and alcohol (still breastfeeding), but we made the best of it. After moving from the intimate to passionate to steamy round of the game, it was time to put the game away and start our own.
He started by kissing me tenderly, which for him was always a challenge, and then he let his hands take over exploring different angles of my body. He took a breast in both hands and sucked carefully as to not take food from his son. Then his massively strong fingers found their way between my legs where he inserted not one, not two, but three fingers to dance and play on the inner caverns of my honey walls. I was soaked and dripping down his wrist, yearning for more, and he didn't disappoint by taking my mouth with his again but this time more forcefully. I felt the day of trick or treating fade away into the distance and it was replaced by the most wonderfully loving feeling. Slowly, very slowly, he hovered atop of me, eyes on mine, hands planted firmly on each side of me, he slid inside my warm, anticipating love nest. Stroke after stroke after glorious stroke we matched each others stride. I could feel him swelling with every arch of my back, every rack of my nails across his back, and every clench of my thighs. It was perfect, but...I wanted more. At first I thought that I wanted to taste myself on him, slip him between my lips and let my tongue lap up the juices we had created together, but I realized that wasn't it. I'd been in this bed with him more times than I can count and we still hadn't crossed "that certain" bridge together. There was always some excuse, but tonight on All Hallow's Eve with the full moon and the candle casting our sexual shadows all over our bedroom walls, I decided once and for all this would be the night! He knew I had been prepping my tight virginal bud for weeks, but little did he know that I had been challenged by another to turn this fantasy of mine into a reality. At that precise moment he flipped me onto my stomach and pulled my sumptuous behind in his direction, just as he made the connection, I turned and said, "Take me in my ass." He continued to ride me and I could feel another orgasm flood my insides. "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you". The sincerity in his voice only fueled my desire, "YES, PLEASE!" I begged. He slowed down the tempo, lowered himself down to pull my face towards him, and he planted such a sweet kiss to my temple, I all but fell in love over again. He slid out of me just long enough to get the lube and a condom. Just watching him prepare made my eyes water, I so was happy that I couldn't stop the tears from falling. Whether intentionally or not as he put the condom on in full view of my adoring eyes he lathered on the lubrication and stroked long and hard and unabashed for me. I came on sight. The image will forever be branded in my mind, and the joy I felt was instantly replaced by longing. I didn't want to rush him as it was his first time with me, but I was anxious. Did I stretch it enough? Will I be able to take him all in? Will it hurt? Will he enjoy it? Will I enjoy it? All of these questions buzzed like annoying little bees that he shooed away with a tender embrace and long sensuous kiss. "Are you ready?" I couldn't even answer, I just nodded. With a surgeon's care, he deflowered my tightest resting place. I braced myself when his fat head crossed over my entry way, and I bucked to greet him. The continuous moans of pleasure pain that followed as he inched his way all the way inside were like nothing I ever felt before. As a rode this amber wave, I couldn't stop myself from screaming, crying, clawing for more. The hurt was so good and the good was even better. I could feel every single fiber of his being in the confines of my hallowed halls and it almost rendered me speechless. He grabbed one of my breast in his cum position but asked first, "Do you want me to cum?" Without hesitation, I shouted, "NO... PLEASE ...NOT YET...TOO GOOD ...TO STOP NOW!!" And he didn't. This man of mine that likes the status quo had given me my obsession, he let go of his own hangups and fears and handed me one of my fantasies on a silver platter. I came so tragically hard I almost blacked out. The orgasmic ripple that went from deep within my ass all the way to the inner most core of my pussy. I was spent. I was satiated. I was happy. I proudly announced, "You can cum now for me baby, you can cum all you want!" And he did, and feeling his pleasure stick contract and release, sent me into another delicious explosion. He quietly ran his fingertips the length of my torso as I lay there almost whimpering trying to catch a breath. In the far reaches of my mind, I still couldn't help but think - I wonder what that would have felt like with two? Maybe next blackout!

Sorry Amber Waves...

...I must like a challenge cuz I got hubby to give me some sweet ass anal last night!

...details to follow later!!!

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