Plug It Up - Anal Style!

As promised, last week's poll was about Anal, and in my post Poll for the ladies, I said I would discuss the results and topic later. Well, it's later!! The question was: What's the longest you've ever had a dick, plug or accessory in your ass? A killer 8 people voted (you guys are killing me!). Of the 8 that voted, 6 said that they've had one in less than an hour, 1 person had it in for 1-2 hours, and there was 1 person that had it in for a day or longer.

My reason for this poll is purely selfish. I like anal! No I am obsessed with anal. I like watching anal porn, I often have to beg my husband just to put a fucking finger in my ass, let alone fuck it. I think this obsession is largely connected to the threesome fantasy, where my pussy and ass would be filled at the same time. I've actually had a plug in my ass for 2 hours, and that was b/c I was going to sleep and was afraid to leave it in any longer. Was that stupid? Can you sleep with a plug in your ass? I'm not sure I know of anyone that I can ask that question to. Also, does having a plug in your ass stretch it any kinda way? I wouldn't mind this of course b/c this way I can prep it for hubby's real dick. My goal is to stretch out my ass and then one night in the middle of fucking just slip his dick right on in! What are your thoughts on anal? My plan?


They Like Me...They Really, Really Like Me...

I got this email and I'm thrilled, it's not a huge deal but it makes me feel good:

Love Boudoir is a showcase for some of the best erotic blogs on the internet.On our search for those beautifully written pieces of erotica, we found your blog.It is our pleasure to include a link to your blog under our "Must-Read" category.Your writing is delicious! We warmly encourage you to continue!

Yay for BlackPearl!!!
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Well, I guess he musta missed me or decided to take more of my threats seriously. Last night, I got not one but TWO incredible pussy tongue lashings from hubby!!! PLUS, yup you heard me, plus an hour long fuckfest that finally finally finally gave me my multiples back!!!! When he was done and practically snoring, I was so euphoric that I kept going and just kept cummming!!! Yay for pussy!!!

Let's see how long it lasts this time!

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Poll for the ladies!!!

Last weeks poll on Teacher fantasy was evidently a bust so I'm not even going to post the results. However, I created a new poll that I'd really like to get the ladies input on (literally) and the guys too, if you've done it!


After the poll, we'll talk about my reasons, questions, thoughts, and ideas on the subject of anal sex!!

So look to the right of the screen and vote!!!
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Nocturnal Chat #10 - Part One

Staying After Class (FANTASY!!!!) - Just made the Sugasm List of the Week - 10/3/09
Collaboration with the ever-sexy Soul Powers (= Orange)

The final bell rings to start the last class of the first day of Senior year and already I’m trying to figure out how I’ll make it through the semester. To make matters worse, my guidance counselor stuck me in some all boys class for nerd-fucks like me. I was too ashamed to tell her that I’m the only 18yo virgin in my homeroom. Sticking me in a class with more wood than a forest will do jack-shit for my chances at getting my first piece.
There are twelve of us in the room waiting for the teacher to arrive. It felt like I was the only one since no one ever talks to the nerds. They were pretty loud and rowdy, so I just kept my head down and doodled weird figures in my notebook to keep to myself. Just then I heard the door kick open and the entire room go silent. It was odd because usually a male dominated class never shuts up until they’ve been yelled at and threatened by the teacher. This was different.
I looked up to find standing before the class a teacher I have never seen in all my years here. She had her back to us as she was writing something on the whiteboard, but I couldn’t shake her coca-cola, apple-bottom figure. When she turned around I got just a glimpse of her face before I noticed the two midgets she was smuggling in her blazer. She had the biggest set of tits I think I’ve ever seen in person. And here I was—dick stiffening—getting caught staring at her boobs. I turned my head quickly when I realized I was busted, but I could swear she smiled at me.
Class went by quickly and I barely heard a word she said. I kept falling into this fantasy of what I think I would do to her if she let me. She called on me a couple times during class, and I didn’t know the answers. How do I tell her I just didn’t hear her? Thirty-seconds until the bell rings and I can escape my embarrassment and head to the bathroom to release the stress she infused in me. The bell rings and before I could get up, she asked me to stay behind for a minute. The other guys in the class laughed at me while they headed home for the day, but I had a feeling I’d be having more than just the last laugh for dinner.

I saw him. I know I did. It's one thing to agree to teach a class of all boys but to have one blatantly stare at my breasts is a whole 'nother story. The testosterone level in this room is almost suffocating. Pretty much all the boys are nerdy and needy, raising their hands all the time for me to call on them, except for Four Eyes in the back, getting him to talk was like pulling teeth. I'm not being mean, I call him Four Eyes because he's got this huge hoodie on that is covering half of his face except for those glasses trained on my T&A all period long. I glanced at his file really quickly after the first occurrence and noticed he's the only 18yo in the class. I hate to have to do this on the first day of classes but the school officials are on this big push to address sexual harassment on all levels, so I have to address his staring, and ask him, to his embarrassment, to stay after class. As the other boys file out of the room, I go to close the door. Even though it's the end of the day and all the other teachers are gone, I don't want there to be the chance that I hurt his feelings and it gets overheard. I don't make eye contact, as I ask him to remove his hoodie so that I may see who I'm talking to. When I look up I'm struck speechless for a moment. Four eyes is beautiful. He's smiling nervously which reveal perfectly straight and white rows of teeth, I think, "Damn, I'd love to lick those pearly whites...wait, did I just think that?"
"Um, Miss, you alright?" His deep velvety voice now stronger than when I called on him earlier causes the hairs on the nape of my neck to stand up. He's removed the glasses to reveal two pools of hazelnut chocolate. I have to clear my throat to keep the moan down. Am I that hard up that this 18yo has me shook?
"Miss, before you say anything, I just wanted to apologize for..." he looks down at his manicured football hands (you know thick with looonnnnng fingers). He pauses for the longest time and if it weren't for his Hershey chocolate complexion, I'd swear he was blushing. "...Damn is it hot in here?" Before I can answer his hypothetical question, he reaches down with both hands and pulls off his hoodie. For a split second, his pulling hikes up his t-shirt to expose what appears to be a 10pack, I pull my thighs in tightly and squeeze. He catches me staring and smiles arrogantly this time, "So like I was saying, I just wanted to apologize for staring at your incredibly luscious boobs and that sweet ass coca-cola apple bottom you got working under that skirt". Now I'm blushing at the boldness of this young man, this student leaning over my desk is the first person to show me any interest in months, and I'm dying to know if his balls are really that fucking big!


Happy HNT

Hubby is off to Vegas and Pussy is very sad, mad, lonely, and horny...


TMI Follow Up...

Undrcvrbd wanted to know the following:

3A) Who was better that night Boyfriend or Lover? Dick down it would have to be lover! His dick was so big and yummy I wrote a poem about it!
3B) Why did you feel the need to have a LOVER and a boyfriend? my boyfriend at the time had a pencil dick (no offense to the little wieners of the world) and acted like he was a porn star all the time - NOT! Lover on the other had was adventurous and was the one I mentioned about fucking while driving!
3C) Who turned out to be the father? Ugh, boyfriend.
3D) Was the result what you wanted? Not really, boyfriend ended up being a real asshole and only spent a whopping 6 months in my daughter's life, on the other hand lover is still a close friend, he's married now and is an awesome father to two boys.

Bill asked:
Just curious - does hubby know about that? Yep, because he had to deal with me going to court and I needed to explain why my daughter's father was such an asshole.


TMI Tuesday

1. Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone without anything steamy happening? (Opposite sex for breeders, same sex for homosexuals).
If it happened the first night, by the second night the steam would rise from the sheets!
2. Have you eve streaked, flashed, or otherwise partially or totally exposed yourself in public before (or after) an informal, unofficial gathering of people?
Can't say that I have actually
3. Have you had dates with multiple people in the same weekend (or consecutive nights or the same night) while not all of your dates were aware of your actions?
Yup, the parternity of my daughter was in question after having sex with my lover and boyfriend at the time on the same night - I know: SCANDALOUS!!
4. What is the most "romantic" you have ever gotten in a movie theater?
I had on a pair of overalls one time in the back row with my college sweetie, and we had my overalls almost completely off and he fucked me while some lame ass movie watched us...albeit there were only 6 or 7 other people in the theater.
5. Have you ever had sex when you knew a non-participating adult was watching?
On the beach once in the parking lot with the hatch back of this guys car open while we stood half inside and half outside ...I remember saying, "I think there's some perv watching us in the bushes" LOL
Bonus (as in optional): If you could say anything you wanted anonymously to anyone, without identifying that person, what would you say? PLEASE CUM OVER TO MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW, LICK MY PUSSY CLEAN, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME AND LEAVE BEFORE HUBBY GETS COMES HOME IN THE MORNING!

Midnight Text...

If your significant other sent you a text message that read:

"Needed to destress, wish it had been you instead of toy and your pillow. Licking myself off and going to sleep. Hope this inspires sum type of sumthing b4 you leave"

What would you do?

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Class Of All Boys...


As my welcome back "gift" for returning to work, my boss created an all boy sophomore class to motivate and inspire to go into honors and advanced placement. Long story short, this is my FAVORITE class of the day! I moaned and groaned about it (not in a good way) for weeks after I found out about it, but now that I have them, I love it! I don't know if it's b/c I don't have to deal with the bitchiness of teenage girls or if for some unbeknownst reason I get some kick out of being the center of attention for a room of teenage boys. I feel that since it's been less than a week the testosterone levels haven't peaked yet. Although, I haven't gotten over the shock of having 37 pairs of eyes trying not to get caught staring at my boobs yet! Some of my boys are so in awe of them they don't even realize they've been caught staring and continue to stare! I have to talk to my boss about this b/c I don't know if I need to make an issue of it, you know, like walk in one day and say, "Hey, my eyes are UP here!" or better yet, "Yes, I have breasts, now that we've addressed it, let's move on!" Hee hee hee!! I'm sure neither one is appropriate, but we'll see what she says.

Sidebar: Just wanted to put you all on notice that the simulated chat for teacher/student relations is in the works!! (Hurry up with your part, you know who!!)

Anyway, back to these boys, I never thought in a million years that I could teach an all boy class before, but I guess female teachers in all boy schools deal with this all the time. It makes me weary that I am feel so at ease in front of them, I hold no punches with them and "keep it real", and so far several of them have bragged about me to their counselors. Even after telling them that I have to cut 3 students off of the roster they proclaimed, "Mrs, it's about to be a grudge match in here, cuz nobody wants to leave you"...just melts your heart doesn't it?


Nocturnal Chat #9

Lesson In Restraint

He ripped a hole in my pantie and told me not to touch it. Now why would he do that? He threw his tongue down my throat, licking my teeth as it slithered around past my lips. He brought his hand to the top of my pantie and ran his fingers over the tuft of hair that hung over the edge. I went to move his hand lower, he stopped kissing me, removed his hand and firmly replied, "No". He told me to lay down while he undressed and put on some background music. The welcoming sound of rain falling and thunder suddenly filled the room as the lights barely dimmed. He stood in front of me stroking his big, thick, black dick. The precum beckoning me to sit up and have a taste. He pushed me back down and as my body fell away from his hand, somehow his middle finger grazed my exposed clit. "Oh". The electric current that shot through me coincided with the crashing thunder and lightning coming from our bedroom speakers. "I don't want to hear you", he was in my ear in a flash, sucking on my earlobe as he issued yet another warning. I bit my lip to control the sounds within me. I could feel the heat of his dick rising on to the pantie, my pussy silently begging for some type of relief. "I want you to lay perfectly still, not a sound better escape those chocolaty lips of yours, and I want your eyes on me at all times". His piercing gaze and firm grasp on my neck told me he was serious. Part of me wanted to roll over, open my drawer of goodies, and let my batteries take me where I needed to go...but the other part really wanted to be slowly tortured. I lay there not moving, not making a sound for what seemed like days as he kissed me, licked me, pinched, bite, sucked me, and tasted me. He did all of this without ever penetrating any part of my body. The hole in my pantie was soaked with my juices, my pussy pulsated, calling to him, begging him to enter her with the force she knew he was capable of, but he would stop every so often to pull, stroke, and caress his manhood in front of me. Holding my gaze, hypnotizing me with its stiff rhythm. Pinching his own nipples as though it were my mouth and teeth providing the quick delightful pain. I wanted him so bad but knew that if I disobeyed again like last time, he wouldn't touch me for weeks. "I'll be right back, don't you move", and he leaves the room...


Happy HNT!!

Now that I'm back to work, I'm missing my little dumpling more and more...this was from my maternity photo shoot....One of my favorite (no face) pics LOL


Poll Result: Piercings and Tattoos

A little late, I know, I'm back to work and my life has been flipped upside down...how I wish it were me literally with a big tongue between my thighs, but I digress...poll results:

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? (of the FOUR people that actually voted)

Neither 0 (0%)
1-3 Tattoos 2 (50%)
1-3 Piercings 3 (75%)
Tatoo Sleeve 0 (0%)
More than I can count of either

I have 3 tattoos. While I'm very dark skinned, you can see them realllllllly good up close. I have a kitty kat perched on my upper left thigh, told you about the tribal eyes on my lower back, and my latest one is a black butterfly between my upper shoulder blades on my back. I had 2 piercings but during a moment of prego guilty with my daughter, I pulled out my tongue ring (I have a huge oral fixation!) and now that I'm a teacher, it would be bad to put it back in after the fact (but damn do I miss it). I'm just waiting for my tummy to get back in tact to repierce my belly button.

Now your turn...tell me about yours...


Happy HNT!!

Another PhotoShoot special!!


Nocturnal Chat #8

She Deserves Better

As she sleeps, we lay here waiting for him to leave for work. She's been miserable for days, that lazy bastard of a husband hasn't touched her in over a week. We feel so bad every time she brings it to his attention and he just says, "Really, it's been that long?" or "These things happen". The nerve of him! She whimpers softly in her sleep and we are racked with guilt.
Good, he's gone. Time to get to work. First, we listen carefully to make sure we hear the car pull out of the driveway. Five minutes later his exhaust fades away in the distance. We watch her, stricken momentarily by her beauty, as her luscious chocolate mounds rise and fall under the sheets. The slightest hint of her left nipple peering over the top as if inviting us over. The five of us slowly creep up her thigh, cautiously trail up her flat abdomen, and then rest on that same left bosom. We can feel her heart beat quicken just a bit at the feel of us subconsciously cupping her.
As if by instinct, she sighs and spreads her legs open for us. Giddy with excitement we nearly trip over ourselves to get down to her sweet spot. It's been so lonely with us or him, and we all agreed that it's just not fair to her to not be satisfied.
One and Two get there first and part the way for the rest of us. The heat that rises from her makes us anxious. One and Five instruct Two, Four, and Me to take the middle while they hold her silken lips open. I don't know why he even bothered with Four ever since she got that ring, she just sits there. Anyway, Two and I get to work quickly. We take turns alternating our strokes, if one were to see us, it looks as if we're walking on her pussy...momma's kitty definitely needs the exercise. And by her nocturnal purring, I'd say we were doing just fine. I can no longer control myself and I dive inside her warm goodness. The wet slippery folds of her inner sanctum engulf me. Two slips in right along side me, gives me the ok, and we both plunge ourselves deeper and deeper into her perfectly pink oyster. She inhales sharply and we feel The Other Five come down on us with an intense urgency.
The pearl is within our grasp, we quicken our pace. Two slips out to start applying circular tension to her clit and Four slides in to join me. I'm going fast and four is taking her sweet ass time but somehow this crazy rhythm we've created is causing more and more liquid fire to reign down on us. She's moaning loudly and has flipped over to her stomach. Her thighs have closed in on all ten of us and we know we owe her this! In an all out pleasure campaign, the ten of us put aside our differences and begin stroking, tickling, pinching, probing, flicking, vibrating...you name it! We put all the love we have for her into attacking her pussy, and she thanks us then by cuming over and over again. The Other Five were whisked away to grab the headboard, but we continue our assault until her convulsions subside.
Once her breathing has stabilized, we exit her to retrace our steps past her thighs, her stomach, her voluptuous breasts...all the way to her uptown lips which she parts for us and licks herself clean off the Five of Us.
Right before she returns to her slumber, we distinctly hear her murmur, "Thank you".