What Sexy Names Do We Have For Body Parts?

This one goes out to my girl and work partner:

She hates the word "Pussy", what other words can we give her for her naughty parts?

And what names do you all have for your nasty guy and girl parts?

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Question: First Time Sex?

From a good friend:

Been seeing this guy for 2 mos. 3 dates, 2 sleep overs and NO sex!

Is it ok for women to initiate "first time sex"? Subsequent sex yes, but sex for the 1st time? I'm getting mixed reviews and I say no.

Ok bloggers, what say you?! Let's help her out!

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After 3 months of pain and suffering, lack of mojo and surgery, impatience and depression...I finally felt somewhat sexy enough to have some sweet, sweet loving from hubby. He has been trying really hard to make me believe that all is well with my vajajay and my overall sexiness.

Trying to get a good angle of my current state of vagina to show you all soon! But....



My VaJayJay is Deformed

Ok guys, here are some reasons why I've been MIA:
1. Been depressed for a while
2. Finally on Cymbalta and going back to solo therapy. Combo seems to be working
3. Haven't had sex in about 2 1/2 months.
4. Had a series of infections which doctors just say some women are more susceptible to get, ugh
5. Then I just had surgery to have my recurring sebaceous cysts removed from my coochie area
6. The incision is 6 inches long and there is a huge chunk of my vajayjay missing.

I'm still recovering. I spend a lot of time with my legs sprawled open not in a sexy way either. Even yesterday, I had to get out because it was so nice. So we pulled out the wheelchair from when I was preggers and went to a fair. Under any other circumstance it would have been sexy going out commando. However, not so much when it actually looks like a bomb went off between my legs.

Hubby's exact words were "I think that's the worst thing I've ever seen!" I thought about posting pics but ...I don't know. You guys have seen everything else right?

Well, I've definitely lost my mojo after the meds were actually working to bring it back. Sigh.

If you want to weigh in on how bad it looks let me know.

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