3some Debate

Hubby and I have been having some really lengthy conversations about my wants and desires, and I continue to shock and astound him at the things that would make and keep me satisfied in the bedroom. Suffice it to say that my 3some fantasy has pretty much consumed every one of these discussions.

He is under the belief that if he were to ever give in to my request that:
  1. He would be emasculated
  2. I wouldn't be satisfied with just one time
  3. I would look at him differently
  4. He would never look at me the same
To #2 I came back with, " Isn't it better to have fucked, than never to have fucked at all? At least I can say that my fantasy was fulfilled and it was fulfilled with my husband, as opposed to still aching for it in my old age."

I'm curious, how many of you have engaged in the a 3some while in a serious relationship (either guy-guy-girl or girl-girl-guy)? How did it work for you? Were there any ramifications? Any regrets? Was it only one time or multiple? Did you enjoy it?

Please put some of my fantasy into real life perspective. Thanks.


Happy HNT: Anybody need a REF??

This was my V-Day gift to hubby. Matching Referee outfits. We got a night off from the kids so we put them on, played a foreplay card game, and he got me totally drunk on a bottle of Nuvo. It was great. This morning I got breakfast made, and the opportunity to do school work while he cleaned house. I am so enjoying his making up to me!!
Details soon cum!


Holy Hot Shit Review: Sex Therapy


Got myself this lovely little number and was planning on having some fun solo time in my car when hubby decided he would break my "NO SEX DURING THERAPY" rule. Why did I the sex addict make such a ridiculous request? Few reasons:

1. Sex is the bandaid to the broken arm...get it? Temporary fix

2. By insisting on such a ridiculous rule, maybe he would do the opposite

3. I didn't want it to sway my feelings of anger that I felt entitled to!

Anyhoo, back to my using my new toy from the Adult Toy Shoppe! I came home on Friday and he decided to share his solo therapy session where he talked about our intimacy issues and lack thereof. Gasp! I couldn't believe it. After a long discussion of his wanting to know what needs did I feel he was not taking care of. In a nutshell, I told him that he's a selfish lover. That he always has to have a happy ending for himself, that he's never been the type of lover to just give me head and walk away, or give me hand job and leave me breathless.

After that I went to take a shower, he decided to join me. Boring. He literally just joined me in taking a shower. Nice. But now what I was looking for. Then he proceeded to go down on me for an entire hour!! That was record breaking for him, he usually just made me cum once and then he's enter me. Don't get me wrong. It was like Pussy Eating 101. I was giving tutorials the majority of the time.

He has to work on not using his entire lower half of his face to eat me out. Very irritating is his beard. Well, when he was getting ready to enter to me, I put the brakes on. "You have to masturbate in front of me first, if you want to fuck me." That threw him for a loop, but he agreed. Big things happening here folks!!

He got his dick oil out and I got my handy dandy Pocket Rocket Vibrator Travel Kit! I watched him stroke his dick with half lids as I used the middle attachment to get myself off. It was a delightful feeling. I held the little studded end on to my clit and worked it up and down my clit to the outskirts of my pussy walls. I was moaning and cumming as he jacked off squeezing my tits and watching me. He begged to gain access to my forbidden walls, and it wasn't until I had an orgasm so hard from the buzzing, the squeezing, the watching, the breathing that I forgot all about my damn rule and decided I deserved to be fucked proper. And I was...

...for 3 more hours!! I was exhausted, depleted, dehydrated, and almost needed a ambulance after hyperventilating! Imagine if the doctor asked "what brings your wife to the ER at 3am?"..."UM, I tried giving her sex therapy and it nearly killed her!"

Let his ass keep trying to kill me in the bed...thanks to my toy, I can now have flashbacks when I'm playing with myself in my car, work, the mall, doctor's office.

Rihanna - S&M



Got my EXHALE on in Atlantic City!!

Went away last weekend (i.e. the Fuck Me shower scene HNT) to get away from the hubby and left him in charge of the kids. It was great! I got to gamble a little, got a spa treatment, ate some really fantastic food, and drank even better booze. I went with my cousins and they indulged my blogger tendencies with the following pics!

I even have some guest HNTs! Enjoy! I had a blast taking them!! There were wall to wall windows in our suite and of course I just had to strut around in front of them bucked ass naked in hopes that someone was jerking off at the sight of me!!

Crazy delicious fantasies ensued, and my lost mojo returned so hard I had to fight the urge to masturbate while they slept!!
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