Happy HNT

I figured let me post this before the well runs dry! Anybody got

Decisions Decisions...

Guess what? Got a call from BD and he's in town for a week. I know all I would need to do is pick up the phone and he would cum running ...but...

Hubby has been trying lately to accomodate my needs and urges. Even though many of these urges still aren't met. Part of me wants to experience having my name called out with intense desire and passion. Part of me needs that overwhelming feeling of being ravished from head
to toe. And let's be real, a huge part of me misses the huge part of the BD!!!

In my best Florida Evans voice: Dayum DaYum DAAYUM!!! Damn hubby for trying, damn me for being selfishly greedy, damn BD for cumming into town! Ugh!

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The Case of the Wandering Tampon...

This post will clearly be way, way, way too much information....but that's why I love blogging, I can be as gross, dirty, filthy, or nasty as I wanna be!!

So, back to this wandering tampon of mine! My flow is really heavy today which is not too unusual, but what was unusual was that twice today my tampon found it's way out! The first time wasn't too bad because I was already on my way to the ladies room to make a change. The second time, well, I can't say it wasn't unpleasant, it was just...unusual. I'm in the car on my way home, singing and dancing as only I can do while sitting in traffic trying not to lose my mind, when I feel the strangest sensation. The tampon is at the very outskirts of my pussy and it quite feels as though I've stashed my favorite toy up in there. Add to the fact that my flow was heavy so I felt incredibly wet. In my mind, I'm screaming, "Eewww, don't do it!! You nasty freak you!" But before I can stop myself, I begin to slow grind to whatever the hell song was playing on the radio. I wasn't horny before, but with lightning speed, I'm twisting my hips in the seat praying that I have enough pad coverage so as not to make the worst mess ever on my beige car seat. The moment literally lasts for about five minutes. I cum faster than I expected since this was so not premeditated and I was grossed out at myself. But it felt soooooo good! I'm a mess (literally) I know... Feel free to tell me how yucky I am!!


Quiz Time - Thanks BMS

This quiz was posted by Between My Sheets and I liked the questions so much I decided to post them here!

Are you still friends with the person you lost your virginity to?
Yup! We still talk! We used to say that if we ever married we would be each other's lovers, however, when put to the challenge he couldn't do it! Still love him though, and should he make a visit in town, I just might try to convince him again!
Do you have any sexual regrets?
Sometimes I regret not marrying my sexual equal but of late he has been trying, so we'll see. I absolutely regret not having my threesome pre-marriage!!
If you could, how often would you have sex?
Have you ever had bruises from sex?
That's a funny question, back in the day it was surprising if I had sex and didn't have bruises...now I couldn't tell you the last time I had sex battle scars (although I do leave hubby all scratched up and bitten)
How often do you masturbate?
Masturbating definitely depends on how I'm feeling at a particular moment, and as you all read about 2 weeks ago I couldn't help myself!
What do you think of when you masturbate?
Honestly, I mostly think of what I miss about sex with previous lovers or fantasize about hubby actually listening to me and doing all of the things I wish we could do!
What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex?
Hands and mouth! (and all the wondrous things they can do to me and for me!)
When is the last time you had sex?
Saturday! It was actually the first time in a long time that I had sleep sex (will blog about it later - promise)
Are you happy with you sex life?
Sometimes...other times, I want to run out and find the nearest penis!
Do you believe in monogamy?
Yes, however this does not stop me from thinking about cheating and it certainly didn't stop me from my previous discretions.
Do you believe in “the one”?
I want to believe in "the one", though I think they only exist in fairy tales or in years gone by or with couples married over fifty years...but oh, how I do want to believe!

Feel free to answer these questions as a comment or on your own blog!
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Happy HNT!!

Figured I haven't given you guys a shot from the photo shoot in a while! Enjoy!


Can't Stop The Filth

Today we had staff pictures at school and of course this dirty girl couldn't help having flashbacks on my last photo session *shiver*. It didn't help that our new photographer was this 6 foot 2, bald, caremel swizzle stick. The minute I sat in the chair for my turn I felt my walls tighten and release their hopes on me. He told me how to position myself, the whole time never breaking eye contact. When he told me to "arch your back a little and push your shoulders back" I was wet and ready for a thrashing that never came! Then to add more sweet torture he kept touching my face and hair to "get the shot just right"...drip drip drip. If only the line behind me wasn't staff but a smoky club filled with looky loos half naked vying for a chance to see me get screwed properlike!

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Happy HNT!! With Bonus HNT

Here's the shot I promised that I took after cumming out of the shower with my little doc johnson poking out the back - I'm so in love with this shot of my ass it's sinful!
And the Bonus HNT that was taken after all that lovely back arching orgasms. Tee Hee: my two favorite dicks side by side - Yummy!

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Can A Dirty Girl Get Some Enthusiasm?!

As you all know I've become a tad bit anal obsessed lately...so say the least. I've been trying to stretch my hidey hole for a few hours every night with my favorite little plug (pics to cum on HNT *snicker snicker*). Anyhoo! Remember how positively horny I was on Friday that I took matters into my own hands (or water bottle) in the school bathroom, right? Well, that horniness followed me home where I told hubby of my dastardly deeds. His comment: "Wow, babe, you're really something else. You better be careful before you get caught and get into some serious trouble". WHADAFUCK? No, damn, tell me all about it...no, what exactly did you do...no, shit baby I'm so horny thinking about my naughty wife!! I get straight laced yet again! BUT does that stop your dirty girl from trying to rope him into my filthymcnasty mind? NOPE!!

I wait for him to go take his nap. I dip into my handy dandy drawer by the side of my bed, pull out my favorite plug and jump into the shower with it. Now that I get porn on my phone - WHOO - I'm addicted!! I'm in the bathroom with my little friend, the porno, the lube, and the hot water from the shower (I'm so going to ruin my phone if I keep this up!). I get the plug nice and snug inside and break myself off a minigasm in the process. I come out of the shower and continue my night time routine for about 2 hours and then go to bed. I take a power nap myself because I want the shit that I'm going to wake up for to be fucking awesome. I wake about 2 hours later and give hubby the wakeupI'mhornypenisrub. He wakes up and mumbles something about owing me from the other night and starts kissing my neck. I take his hand and put it between my legs and for a few minutes he doesn't venture far enough down to feel that we've got company. When he makes the discovery, he stops kissing me and says: "You're a trip, you know that?" DUH!! After that I gave him a few pointers, you know: pull it out a little, twist it, push it in deeper...which he completely ignored! I asked him after whether he was bothered that I used it, and he said that he wasn't just that it would take some getting used to...and that it just further proves to him how much I want a threesome. Again, DOUBLE DUH! The fucking that we did have was fanfuckingtastic. With the plug inside, I just kept imagining that 2nd guy fucking my sweet hole. I had some lightning sharp orgasms that curled my toes and arched my back to the point of breaking. I can't wait to train hubby on how to make fucking with a plug more fun and interactive - as if I don't have enough teaching to do during the day!!



Soulpowers and I made the Sugasm "Best of this Week's Blogs" lists for Sugasm #174!!!

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Thanks everyone and anyone that voted for our Staying After Class post!!

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Filthy Dirty Gurl!!!

I DID IT!!! I'm such a nasty girl this morning. I don't know what got into me but after running late to work this morning I felt I needed a
sweet release. I went into the last stall in the teachers bathroom, set up some porn on my phone, and went to town between my legs. First I tried one of those really big highliters but it wasn't comfortable, then I tried my mini lotion bottle and couldn't find the right angle.
Finally I grabbed my water bottle, pulled my tight jeans even tighter and set to grinding. I don't know if it was because I was in a school bathroom or because 3 teachers came in into the bathroom on 3 separate instances or if I was just that fucking horny but the glorious orgasm that was my handsome reward - GotDAMMIT!!! I had both hands on the walls of the stall and the moan that escaped my lips had to be heard in the class across the hall!!! WHEW!!!! Happy Masturbation Friday to Me!!!!!!

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Happy HNT

This HNT is dedicated to UndrcvrBD! I sucked hubby's dick tonight as if it were yours. He nearly lost his fucking mind. Problem is I was too good! By the time I got him in the precious confines of my pussy he came in like fucking 3 minutes - HARD! But no cumming for me...thus thus after sex disappointed pussy shot...she's all squeezed up tryin to get a cum for herself...


Nocturnal Chat #10 - Part Two

Staying After Class (FANTASY!!!!)

Collaboration with the ever-sexy Soul Powers (= Orange)

I'm looking down at her, directly into her eyes and I know she's pleasantly surprised. What teacher expects a young man like me to be so emboldened as to come on to her with the expectation that it would work. I stick to myself for a reason, and she is about to find out why.

"Miss, I know I sound kinda bold but I like what I like. And for once in my high school life, I'm not afraid to go after it--I mean you."

She didn't say a word. She just kept looking at me with a desirous eye and I could tell she was prepared to receive me any way I wanted to have her."Stand up," I ordered as I started to walk back to my desk to get my bag. She stood--hands on her hips as if she couldn't believe where this was going--and looked at me awaiting further instruction. It was kinda weird telling an adult what to do, but since she was listening I decided to milk it.

"Come here," I summoned her to the back door of the classroom. Having the last room in the corridor would provide some strategic advantages. See, what she didn't know is that I was extremely dominant and creative. I don't care about XBox and PS3; my Madden is found lurking in dark places of sensuality.

When she got close enough, I grabbed her face with both hands and sucked her bottom lip. She initially went limp before finding her legs enough to push against my body and hard dick.

"Do you feel that? It can all be yours if you submit to me," I said to her.

She reacted sheepishly at first, but then instinctively went to her knees and went to reach for my zipper. I smacked her hands away and she looked at me startled.

"You haven't earned that right yet! Give me your hands!" I shouted. I pulled out the Prisoner Rope Cuffs I made last week and wrapped each around her hands and fastened it tight! I raised her hands over her head and hooked the cuffs on door hook so that she was on her tip-toes. I had her face the door so that I could see that beautiful apple-bottom ass of hers.


I whacked her on her ass and then leaned in to suck on her neck. She started moaning and rubbing her thighs together. I could tell she was getting wet even with my limited sexual experience. I hiked up her skirt and lifted her blouse so her tits were pressed against the window of the door.

Her tits were exposed, her ass was mine and now the fun was just beginning.

Did I not only just let an 18yo boy hand-cuff me to the fucking back door or my classroom, but did I just drop to my knees in sweet surrender to his bulging penis?


Reality is my tits are pressed up against this cold glass window in the door and my tight taut ass is dangling in the air awaiting another sting of his heavy palm. The sting never comes as I feel him run both hands along my sides, and as he reaches my hips his hands head inward to my thighs which I have pressed closed using the pressure to tease my clit.

"Uh Uh, Miss. I want these legs to stay open..." with both hands he spreads my thighs so that my tiptoes are barely skimming the floor, "...all the way open for what I need to do. I bet you can't guess what I'm about to do."

"Um, maybe you could..."


"No, Miss, that was what you English teachers call are rhetorical question," and with that he shoved what felt like a fist of fire into my sopping wet love tunnel. "Damn, Miss! Do you get this wet for all of your students? You betta not answer me!"


My wrists are fighting against the ropes as I try to remain on my toes for fear of further fist punishment, but before I can steady myself, he pulls his hand out and I can hear him licking me slowly. I shudder and rub my tits in little circles enjoying the coolness the glass give me. He slides his palm from my clit to my blind eye getting it all wet with my juice. He parts my cheeks roughly and jams his thumb inside while the other four fingers battle to find my spot within the folds of my pussy. With his other hand I hear him unzip his pants and by the sounds of it, he's got precum all over the tip. If I wasn't hogtied to this door, I would suck all the boldness right out of him.


"Don't get any ideas Miss, I want that beautiful apple bottom to stay right where it is!" It's as if he's in my head! He starts working his hand between my legs with more commitment now, and I can feel his fingers fighting one another over the flesh that separates me, and the product of his efforts is a full splash down on to his arm, my legs, his Tims, and the classroom floor.

My body is shook from the inside out, but before I can recover he spreads my cheeks to the brink of burning and begins sliding his stiff manhood from my clit all the way up to the crest of my behind. He's teasing me, taunting me, inciting this battle of the wits with my professional mind and my slutty one. I want him inside me so much so that I start swinging from the door frame into his playful thrusts, but he stops.. He pins me back to the door and stretches my ass further apart. I whimper. I wince.

"Now you're starting to get who's in charge, Miss."

Fill In Friday...

1. I have a history of sucking a mean dick.

2. Speaking another language is something I wish I knew.

3. I'm eating (or recently ate) Popeye's!!

4. I like to masturbate in my car on the road.

5. So that's it, that's gray hair on my pussy.

6. Sometimes a quickie is better than nothing!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my period being over tomorrow my plans include hopefully fucking hubby before he pulls a triple at work and Sunday, I want to sleep!