Holy Hot Shit Review!!!

I have been neglecting some of my filthy blogger duties, my apologies! It's been a rough few weeks with the coochinator! She is seriously out of commission, but that didn't stop me from testing this bad boy out!
Isn't it fucking cute with its purple self?! Listen to me when I tell you that this G-Rock Pleasurizer has its name for a fucking reason: It will pleasurize the shit out of your clit and your g-spot.

First of all, it fits like a glove - slides right on in. The silicone is so soft and supple it feels like real skin. I decided to do exactly what The Adult Toy Shoppe suggested: "This vibe can be worn around the house while doing your chores, or before intercourse for a sweet preparation!"
HOW SWEET IT IS HONEY! I barely made it the six feet from my bedroom to the kitchen before I had to hold on to the washing machine for the first orgasm. (Thankfully kiddies were playing unbeknownst in the living room) Then I "tried" to sweep up the kitchen, who told me to be so bold?! I don't know if it was the friction of having my thighs working it or its sweet quiet motor humming along inside me that sent me running back to my room to lie down for a minute and enjoy that "sweet prepartion"!

I had about 3 lovely afternoon gasms that were just delightful. With the holidays coming up, I suggest you either treat yourself to this one or your someone you want to see squish and squirm.


Happy HNT: Who Needs Cup Holders?!

And that's real juice chilling in that cup, I'll have you know!!

Head Talk Made Me Junglistically Horny

I got to comment 21 and nearly creamed myself! Yowza! All that talk about liquid fire, swallowing, lubrication and flashbacks of my tongue ring days had me rubbing hubby's dick every time the kids turned their heads. "Go clean up!" I urged the second he finished his last bite of dinner.

Within 15 minutes he was ushering me upstairs while he kids had dessert and story time. It seemed that the door was locked and his dick was in my mouth all in the same second. I pulled back just quick enough to mumble, "You better cum fast before they come a knockin". He shoved his junk in to shut me up and his left hand held my head firmly in place while his right hand pinched my nipples.

He was so deliciously rough. I gagged to the point of near vomit and he shuddered with delight. My lips were getting bruised from the steady thrusting he did to my face. I moaned each time his tip hit the back of my throat. There was saliva running down my hand, arm, and jeans. With his fingers tangling my hair to a knotty mess I could feel he was close. I allowed my tongue to run the length of his shaft and I relaxed my throat and took him as far as I could go. He lifted off on to his tiptoes as my nostrils were met with his still shower wet pubes, and that yummy delicious molten lava of jizz floated down my throat.

Lick my lips. Yummy. Pulled up his pajama bottoms just as my toddler called out for us! Timing is everything when you've got kids, right?


Is Swallowing a Necessary Evil?

Hello? Y'all know I'm not talking about me! I love to swallow, MmMm tasty!! I love to feel that hot cum trickle down the back of my throat threatening to make me gag as I choke on the last drop and lick my lips, "Thank you, may I have some more, please?"

Alas, this isn't about me, had to bring it back, whew! Anywhore, I was hanging with some of my girlfriends today when one of them admitted that she has never, ever, ever swallowed in all of your 33 years of life. Jokingly, I replied, "Well, maybe that's why your ass hasn't found the right man!"

This then prompted a 20 minute discussion about how many of us enjoy it (some on a more selective vain), the benefits of swallowing (nutrients and whatnot), the fact that none of us allow facials (nope sorry, respect the face!), and then the question came up: Is it really that important?

Personally, all the dicks I've sucked loved having me swallow their liquid fire, plus it helps that I'm extremely good at it. Plus, any guy I've ever taken the time to ask if they wanted me to swallow, the response was usually, "Um, yeah" followed by a firm palm to the back of my head and pressure to open wide. I jest. But seriously, my girl wanted me to put the question out there:

Fellas: Do you want your woman to swallow? Is there a difference in the feeling of being swallowed and popping off on, say, some tits? Is it a deal breaker? Does it influence your decision to commit to the relationship?

Ladies, you too! Thoughts? Do you swallow? Do you enjoy it? Do you do it just please your man or do you get satisfaction from doing it yourself?


Nocturnal Chat #19

Halloween Fuckery

Imagine this Halloween night that my full mooned ass was ripe and ready for picking. Dressed in bright pumpkin orange pushup bra and thong panties with thigh highs to match. Around my neck, the Pussy Cape of Titillation .

Body covered from head to toe in baby oil, I set out to do my kind of trick or treating at the stroke of midnight, My goody bag full of tricks: double headed dildo, anal lube, clit stimulator, rubber gloves, nipple clamps, butt plugs, and the like.

The first house, " Trick or Treat!"
Naughty housewife replied, "Trick".

I got down on all fours for her and let her dip in the bag of debauchery. She pulled out the anal lube and rubber gloves. For 10 minutes she worked her fingers deep into my sweet hole until I cream her plush velvet carpet. Husband walked in and said, "Nice Trick, but I want my wife's treats".

The second house, "Trick or Treat!"
Dirty old man, "Treat".

He puts on some 70s jazz, drops his drawers and jerks himself off while I dance for him. His geriatric hands alternating between rubbing my girlie parts and pulling ever so hard on his wizened penis. As he sighs and cums on my tits, he says, "What a lovely treat."

The third house, "Trick or Treat!"
Filthy college frat boy with four of his friends, "How about a bit of both?"

These fine young men educated in all the ways of adulterous behavior dumped the remaining contents of my goody bag onto the center of the floor. Handcuffs and blindfold emerged. Hands tied, feet harnessed to bed posts, and eyes shielded from sin, I was taken on sexual journey of a freaky and unusual nature. Each of my holes were explored and terrorized by dicks, dildos, fingers, lips, plugs, tongues, beer bottles, and food of an assorted variety. I came, I cried, I laughed, I gagged, and I came some more.

Hours, days and nights no longer had meaning. At one point there were two dicks in my ass hole, one in my pussy and the other in my mouth. It was euphoric. They each moved to the beat of my pulsating pussy drums. My hair was yanked. My ass was slapped swollen. My nipples permanently erect from the pinching.

While I wanted them to stop, I didn't want the pleasure pain to end. I was raw, spent, and dripping with cum all over when the last frat boy dropped his load all over my said, "Thanks Mrs. P, can't wait to do this again next year!"