Coochie Status...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the coochie surgery went well!

Glacier's PussyImage by mayhem via Flickr

Pussy and Pearl are doing quite well.
Recuperated most of the weekend.
The pussy will be back and cumming to her usual dirly girl hyjinx in less than 2 weeks!
To those that shouted me out behind the scenes: THANK YOU!!

P.S. - I owe you all a fabulous tale of how hubby prepped me for surgery!! Watch out for it a a few days!!!

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This pic reminded me of the surgery!! If you can't laugh at yourself, well, you know the rest!!


Latest Erotic NY Post

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What are your thoughts on sex and dancing?


Nocturnal Chat #15 (w/Bonus HNT)

The Gang's All Here

It was a dark and sexy Gray night outside and I was feeling particularly horny.

Stuck in traffic and all I could think about the entire drive home was getting some sweet ass Phallatio seconds after walking through my front door.

I look up at the night sky thinking of all the naughty possibilities and I must be really fiendish because somehow the J Star is looking like a big, long, sparkly Topaz penis.

I roll down the windows for some fresh air and crank the radio only to hear Afrochica smack talkin' about her latest conquest on Erotic NY FM.

She stops just short of making herself cum on live radio to take a few calls.

The first caller is Ella, some woman musing about how good of a lover her man is.

I'm Dewey wet listening to the tale she spins, and I'm reminded of my past.

But I have a Confession to make, My Down Low Life was shady, I used to have sex here, there and everywhere, and with whomever I cared!

But alas, I'm a Reformed Slut who saves all her Soul for her man at home.

See, my man has these strawberry Freckles all over his body, and I love to play connect the dots with my tongue.

Years before I took lessons from a Library Vixen on the "Art of Tongue",

and every man, including my own cannot thank me enough.

I don't know if it was the sex philosopher, Frenchy, who said,

"If you lick it, he will cum",

but my ass is home and my panties are around my ankles before I can get the key in the lock!


I think I love him! (Belated HNT)

I can't believe that after everything we went through last year (or better yet all the shit I went through last year), I think I may have fallen back in love with my husband. Surprised? I know I am! Over the past few months, he has been doing everything in his power to listen and address my needs. And the biggest surprise is that we haven't had a fight in so long that I don't remember our last fight. (for us that's huge!!)

When did I realize I was falling back in love with him, you ask? Last night as a matter a fact. After New Year's I did tell him that I thought this year would be our best year ever as a couple and he agreed with me. I've heard from other couples that the first five years are the hardest and once you get past those, it's smooth sailing. We'll just see about that! Anyway, back to last night. I'm in an organization that had an event which was supposed to last only 3 hours, but ended up lasting almost 6, and hubby was a good sport about the whole thing. He kept watch on the kids and didn't complain once. That may not seem like a big deal to you guys but it was for me! The venue was packed and it had to be about 100 degrees inside and he sat in these very small, very uncomfortable seats with the baby climbing all over him. He endured all of this without the promised food like we thought we were getting during the show, and he managed all of this practically by himself because I had to perform. But that's not when the love hit me.

After the event we rushed home, changed clothes and went back out to birthday/benefit party. I put on a pair of what he calls "Alicia Keys Superhero Pants" (you know that faux leather stretch pants that's the rave right now?) and a cute top. He loves these pants! After having a bite to eat at the party and enjoying an unsolicited dance together (did I ever mention how much he doesn't like to dance, well, he came and pulled me onto the dancefloor - I love to dance!), I felt a little spark.

We were having a good time joking around with my family while I do what I normally do: grab and rub his ass. For the first time, in I think EVER, he said, "I wish they would turn down the lights so I could grab you and grind you up against the wall as if we're at an old school basement party". I told him don't be shy, and that lights never stopped me from groping him in public or in front of my family. He worried that my mother would have a fit, but still he held me tightly and indulged my kisses and gropes. While sitting, he ran a hand up my inner thigh, and said, "I really love these pants!" Of course, I let him know that's why I bought them. He then asked, "So how's your business doing down there?" I lied and told him I was still in the red (see previous post). He wasn't fazed in the slightest. We even had some fun posing for pictures in front of my mother, aunts, uncles, and cousins, where I wrapped a leg around his waist and humped him. This shot was taken after the humpage thus the reason for me cheezin'! (note the tight squeeze I'm still giving him!)

Fast forward home, we pay the babysitter, and I tell him that he should take a shower (he knows this usually means he's gonna get a blow job because I like things fresh! I freshen up first and then when he's in the shower I put on a cute little teddy and wait for him in the bed. Remember we'd been going all day long and now it's almost midnight. He gets in bed and he's kind of flipping through channels. I ask him to rub my ass, and he says, "You should have kept the pants on". I admitted that I had thought about it, but then they're way too hard to take off. He was lying on his back, and I had my right leg draped over his crotch and was gently kneading him while he caressed me.

When the clock hit midnight, he turned off the TV, turned to me and said, "Are you done teasing me yet?" We kissed, and his fingers found my sweet spot. He started off really rough and I had to remind him that she was still very sensitive. He ushered my head down to his head, and I sucked him lovingly for a little bit. When I came back up, he was kissing me all over my face and neck, and whispering how much he loved me. And then he said it, "I'm going to fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked". That was the moment. Now this may not be a big moment for many, some may hear it all the time, but he's never said that to me. There was something in his voice, in his eyes even, that I'd never heard or seen before. I kept my eyes open far more this time than any other time in our almost 6 years together. I took in his arms, his hands, his shoulders, his chest, his mouth, and his eyes. True to his word, he did fuck me and love me the way I wanted and needed last night. No bells and whistles as you may assume, it was just the two of us, locked tightly, and he fucked me so well that I got not one, but two charlie horses that made me stop, scream, and cry out in pain. (I performed yesterday for the first time in over ten years, wore heels for the majority of the day, and was being pushed to the brink of ecstacy...it's no wonder my calves and thighs gave out!) Both times he stopped, massaged the knots and pain away, and then returned to giving me my just desserts! Plus, my poor pussy was swelling with each tender but rough thrust, but that pain I pushed through! I climbed on top of him and we climaxed simultaneously as he held me tight and told me once more how much he loved me. And just when I thought to myself: wow, this would be perfect if he...before I could finish my thought, I felt both of his hands on the sides of my face as he swept the hair away from my eyes and kissed me. Perfection. I knew for real that I had fallen back in love with my husband.


Dry Spell...help!

Writer's BlockImage by hannahspanna via Flickr

Ok, it's been a couple of days since I've posted. Been sick with icky cold and about to have a lovely fem procedure in a few weeks so my mind has been elsewhere. Can you guys give me some ideas on what you like me to blog about? I've hit the creative wall with full velocity! Tell me what you crave from me...what dirty little things can I whisper to you in the dead of night? Tell me babies, please!

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Erotic NY Post...

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