Does the Curtains Match the Drapes??

I've decided to grow out the perm in my hair and go au natural! I haven't see my natural hair for 21 years and have no idea what I'm in for.

My lovely pubies are long, salt and pepper, and super straight. If the hair on my head turns out to be the same, I'm going to be fucking pissed that I waisted so many years and fucking money on perming it to get it straight!!

What I wanted to know is: does the hair on your head match the hair between your legs? Do tell, please!!


The Other Woman said...

Sweet picture lady. Mine dont match. I like the pube hair though its much more course than the hair on my head. I wish you luck. Growing the perm out is such a process but my hair has been so healthy and happy without the creamy crack.

Anonymous said...

good luck with your transition! Ive been natural for almost a year and I love it!

phallatio said...

Who cares about hair? I just want to get my tongue between those lips!!

Afro Chica said...

Unfortunately my pubes & the hair on my head are two completely different textures. Although there are times when I wish that my napptural hair was a lil bit more wavy & smooth like my pubes, I still adore my kinky, curly, coily naps!

All the best with your journey to nappydom! I'll be happy to help you (i.e. links to natural hair related blogs you can check out)along the way!

Angeleyez said...

congratz on going natural! i've been natural for about 4 months now and altho its in braids, i love it...as for it matching the loveliness between my legs, its close but the hair down there is a little softer...i guess i lucked out lol

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