Nocturnal Chat #15 (w/Bonus HNT)

The Gang's All Here

It was a dark and sexy Gray night outside and I was feeling particularly horny.

Stuck in traffic and all I could think about the entire drive home was getting some sweet ass Phallatio seconds after walking through my front door.

I look up at the night sky thinking of all the naughty possibilities and I must be really fiendish because somehow the J Star is looking like a big, long, sparkly Topaz penis.

I roll down the windows for some fresh air and crank the radio only to hear Afrochica smack talkin' about her latest conquest on Erotic NY FM.

She stops just short of making herself cum on live radio to take a few calls.

The first caller is Ella, some woman musing about how good of a lover her man is.

I'm Dewey wet listening to the tale she spins, and I'm reminded of my past.

But I have a Confession to make, My Down Low Life was shady, I used to have sex here, there and everywhere, and with whomever I cared!

But alas, I'm a Reformed Slut who saves all her Soul for her man at home.

See, my man has these strawberry Freckles all over his body, and I love to play connect the dots with my tongue.

Years before I took lessons from a Library Vixen on the "Art of Tongue",

and every man, including my own cannot thank me enough.

I don't know if it was the sex philosopher, Frenchy, who said,

"If you lick it, he will cum",

but my ass is home and my panties are around my ankles before I can get the key in the lock!


Soul Powers said...


Damn you are so clever and witty! Loved that piece. HNT and Shoutouts all in one.

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Ouh! How nice! I loved it, it is also funny and very generous. Thank you so much. Big muah to you!

Petal said...

Very, very cool! and fab pic to go with :) HHNT!

phallatio said...

Very clever! Love the pic! More pics! xx

Black Pearl said...

Thanks everyone!! I was just looking at everyone's comments and the names spoke to me! ;-)

AfroChica said...

naughty madlibs, NICE!!!

Reformed Slut said...

Now that was quite cute, Miss Thang!

Dewey's System said...

I like posts like this very very much. A very different kind, and full of so many good people. Nicely done! Hot hot

Gray said...

How the hell did I miss this! I adore the way you write.. you are so much fun!!:)

1manview said...

Creative and sexy nice...