Dry Spell...help!

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Ok, it's been a couple of days since I've posted. Been sick with icky cold and about to have a lovely fem procedure in a few weeks so my mind has been elsewhere. Can you guys give me some ideas on what you like me to blog about? I've hit the creative wall with full velocity! Tell me what you crave from me...what dirty little things can I whisper to you in the dead of night? Tell me babies, please!

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phallatio said...

I'd love to know about surprises. Have there been any people, or experiences, or sensations that have surprised you?
And I'd also love to know about the sexual things you'd like to do but you know you probably won't; they're best if they remain fantasies! Hope your procedure goes well. xx

Soul Powers said...

Yeah I was there a few weeks ago. It's a real drag! I had to clear some personal things before I could write again. Also, since I write a lot of fiction, I'm finding that 'true' stories/posts are helpful. Maybe the reverse is the same for you.

Topaz said...

Tell us a bit about your holidays. Let's see a bit of 'you'.

Anonymous said...

BP discovered ur site late 09 and been hooked ever since.
sexy tips of the wk
how to forum...recently I have rec'd many q's from friends on best sexual practices & it wld be great to drop them a blog site
honey do list- kinda like a grocery list but a wkly list of things u wish ur hubby wld complete by the end of the week
how does it feel - devoted to orgasms. So many women dnt know what it feels, looks, sounds or taste like there for can't ask there men to deliver.
Got host of other ideas but wanted to mk sure I was headed in the rite direction.

AfroChica said...

Being the horny beast that you are....maybe you can tell us more about some of the crazy objects (besides toys) you've ever pleased yourself with as well as some of the crazy places you fucked yourself at.

Black Pearl said...




...Keep me (I mean)...keet IT cumming!!

Anonymous said...

Sexual bloopers
first date sex
1nite stands I hear all women shld exp 1x
male masturbation- am I the only 1 that likes to watch?
I found your polls interesting ...keep them cumming
porn recommendations
long distance relationships...how to keep it spicy