No Nocturnal Chat Here - This is the real deal!

Two days before surgery hubby tells me he's not going to be getting much sleep and he'd like me to put on something that he bought me with stillettos to match. I get dressed in this long black lace gown with tiny spaghetti straps and I put on his favorite red fuck me heels. He tells me to lay down and get comfortable while he sets up.
The first thing he does is blindfold me. (Yes, he did) I can hear him tinkering around in the kitchen and by the time he comes back into the room, I can smell the burning of a match. He lit scented candles. He kisses me gently on the lips and then I can hear him opening the massage oil bottle.
He massages me from head to toe, softly in some places and not so gently in others. It was wonderful. Then he pulls my gown up over my hips and slides my g-string down my legs...slowly, deliberately. He's at the end of the bed as he slides his warm hands up the length of my legs and roughly parts them. He sinks his palms beneath my ass and buries his face in the warmness of my pussy. His tongue and lips lap me up until I cum moments later. He doesn't stop. He squeezes my ass tighter and sinks his tongue in deeper. I cum more. He kisses me then allowing me to enjoy my own sweet juices. I love the taste of me.
He kisses my ears, my throat, then sucks on each of my breasts. I'm going crazy. I'm so wet I can feel my pussy lips slipping and sliding against one another. I want him inside of me. I ache for him. He holds my face, tells me how much he loves me, kisses me as he enters me. That first penetration is the sweetest bliss ever.
We make love for almost two hours and I'm in my glory. We go from position to position, the whole while he's kissing me and telling me the most loving things. When he flips me onto my stomach and I feel him reaching over the bedside I'm wonderfully surprised when he twists my glass dildo into my ass. I'm cumming rivers now and bucking wildly into him to deepen the penetration. The almost realfeel of my fantasy threesome is overwhelming and the multiples consume me. We cum together, panting, clutching, rubbing, clinging to one another.

It was beautiful! I am so proud of him, and I can't wait for the two week coochie recovery to be over to repay him!


Gray said...

Holy hell that was awesome of him!:)

phallatio said...

You clearly have a wonderful relationship. May it last forever!

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

What a wonderful feeling this is! Great that you had this intense moment and shared these emotions. I envy you, lol! and welcome back!

AfroChica said...

i'm soooo happy that all has been going well for you in the love dept. this yr! that was really sweet of hubby, catering to you. awwwww :)

i can only imagine the things you have in-store for him in the next couple of wks!

btw: you got anything special planned for V-Day wkend?

Black Pearl said...

Who woulda thunk it, right guys? LOL.

AC - As far a V-Day goes, unfortunately he's got to work 2 double shifts (we're broke as a joke right now), but we're hoping to go out on Friday night for a simple dinner and a movie. I really wanted to go to a sexy party but funds are lacking and it will have to wait.

2cute4u said...

easy babe easy nice place you got here.. im hooked already so I'd be back.. hope you guys get to have more fun

Dewey's System said...

As someone been training him? Have you been leaving some blogs on the computer for him to read? .... subtle suggestions that he get filthy on you?

Good for you :)

Black Pearl said...

@Dewey - LOL as a matter of fact, I've been emailing him a lot of the information you and some others have posted. Not to mention he's been more receptive to my sexual laments.

Black Pearl said...

@2Cute - Welcum aboard!! Glad you like what you see, make sure you cum back and cum often! LOL

Soul Powers said...

Now that's how you get it in! ;) Two bad I can't give him a pound when I see him. lol.

Reformed Slut said...

Wow! What an amazing night!
I have to admit I'd be terrified to use a glass dildo tho! LOL

Black Pearl said...

@RS - nothing to be scared of with the glass dildo. It's practically unbreakable!

Not to mention if you run it under hot (or cold) water right before you put it in any of your holes - WOW!!!!

Jack and Jill said...

Good to know about the glass dildo. We've been intrigued by them for years, but Jill is terrified of the thought of picking broken glass out of her delicate parts.