Nocturnal Chat #16

Purple Reign
Dammit! I'm going to kill my ex-wife, got me going to the junior high for parent-teacher conferences for my daughter when I was supposed to be at the high school for my son! I'm rushing now against the clock in hopes to meet with just one of his teachers. Mrs. Davids is my son's English teacher and for the first time in years, not only is he passing, but she's recommending him for honors. I have to meet this teacher to see what she's done to turn him around.

Ok, got a parking spot but I see a lot of people leaving. Time check: it's 8:47 and conferences end at 9. Scanning the listing of teacher rooms and of course! She's on the 3rd floor. I'm running, I'm running. "Oops, I'm so sorry, didn't mean to knock you over!" Damn, that lady sure is mad. Alright, two more classrooms and I'll be there, let me slow down, breathe a little bit. Here we go.

Mrs. Davids has her back to me as she's putting on her coat, time check: I still have 9 minutes. "Hm hm". I clear my throat to let her know she has a parent, and I'll be damned if her shoulders don't slump and the slightest sigh escapes as she removes her coat. She turns around and steps in front of the desk in one svelt move, and I forget I'm a parent here to discuss my son for a moment.

My eyes scan her quickly, trying not to be rude until my eyes land on her purple ass boots. Her legs are nothing to gloss over but there's something about the boots that make me nervous.

Now it's her turn to clear her throat, "Hm hm", as she extends a hand towards me. Dumbfounded, I take it and give it a limp shake and release it to sit at the chair in front of her desk. If I held it a second longer, I might have had to pull her towards me for a closer introduction.

"And you are?" She brings me back.

"Oh, I'm Sam's father. I just wanted to meet the teacher that single handedly turned my son around." At this she flashed her pearly white teeth that glistened between too luscious lavender lips. Wonder what else is purple.

"Sam is a delight to have in class, and he shows such leadership for the other boys," she crosses and uncrosses her thick shapely legs and I could swear I can hear the 'swish' of her stockings between her thighs. I get goosebumps.

"I can see why, if you were my teacher, I wouldn't fail either," Shit, did I say that outloud?

She giggles and reaches for my hand, "Thank you, that is so sweet of you to say...and don't worry I get that a lot teaching this all boys class." She gives my hand a squeeze, looks down at her boots and crosses her legs again. This time I'm sure she did it purposely for me. "Your son liked them too today."

I wonder if this is how my son feels sitting in her class looking at her fine ass everyday! "Um, it's just that, I can't figure it out, but I feel like I know these boots. I'm sorry for staring. Maybe my ex-wife has a pair." Had to throw in the ex-wife thing just in case.

"Oh?" She lets that hang in the air for a bit before reaching down a hand to pat my knee. "I just figured you liked them, that's all."


"Attention parents thank you for coming to this term's parent-teacher conference. The time is now 9pm and conferences are officially over for the evening."

I jump so fast out of my seat that it falls crashing to the floor taking two other chairs with it. "I'm so sorry." I manage to blubber out. Within a flash she's in front of me and I was so fixated by the purple boots, I failed to notice two of her blouse buttons are now open and exposing a bountiful cleavage under a purple lace bra. Answers that question.
"Leaving so soon? We haven't even really begun to discuss Sam's full potential."

"But, um, don't I have to leave now?" I'm in a panic as security pops in to remind me I have to vacate the building. In a nanosecond, her coat is back on and she produces a large box, "It's alright fellas, Mr. Johnson is helping me to my car." As she hands me the box which weighs all of 2 ounces, she squeezes my dick so hard I almost moan out loud.

With her keys in her hand and a flick of the light switch, she commands, "Shall we?"

...To be continued


Gray said...

Oh those boots are awesome!! Can't wait to see the rest of this story.;)

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

You are so naughty in these boots! Purple is definitely one of my favorite colours!

Reformed Slut said...

OMG! Those are some kick ass boots gurl!!! Love 'em! Oh and the story is nice too...

Ivy and Haley said...

I have a special place in my heart for teachers....good start to a story!

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Black Pearl said...

@Frenchy - mine too!
@Gray & RS - Thanks!!
@Ivy/Haley - Glad you stopped by , I will definitely check you out!