Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You...Bonus HNT

Two weeks ago I wanted to have a night out with hubby and it got all fucked up. He didn't sleep when he got off work, he ate before I got home, and I had my period. This past Friday, I demanded a redo, got the babysitter, and I was ready to go. First, we sat around for about 30 minutes weighing our options. We had a open invitation to join my BFFL and her fiance, but hubby didn't really feel up to driving all the way out to the city. I wanted to make sure we got some family time in since it was so early. We ended up taking the kids and sitter to see Alice In Wonderland (great movie by the by)...anyhoo...afterwards we rushed home for a change of clothes for dinner. It was 9:20 by the time we ran out the door, the restaurant I picked stopped serving dinner at 9:30, thank goodness their a mom-n-pop type place becuase they fed us and gave us some kickass libations! Got the night off to a fabu start.

Both of us have be dying to check out this local lounge with our kind of flavor and it didn't disappoint. We saw more of us in one room than we've had the entire time we've been in this neighborhood! Who knew! At least now when we need a place to go chill with our friends for drinks after hours we've got some place to go that's not far from home. We had some drinks there, enjoyed the music, and did I mention I looked fucking PHYNE as hell?! I had on my black stilletto boots, black tights, and a black&white zebra print t-shirt dress that was so short that if I even raised my hand you could see my lacy black thong? I felt like myself (oh, yeah, I've lost 8lbs - forgot to mention that too!!) So I'm feeling damn good, and hubby's rubbing my legs and we're kissing, and I'm just about drunk as hell when he says, "Let's go, I got another spot I want us to check out." I'm hyped because it's only 1:30am and we're still out!!

We get in the car and I'm feeling good, and then I'm feeling fucking ecstatic because where is this spot that hubby wants us to check out???? You'll never guess, cuz this is hubby we're talking about! Are you ready for this?? My hubby took me to the local HOTEL/MOTEL/HOLIDAY INN, SAY WHAT? I was so excited! I could barely contain myself, I didn't even know how to act for a hot minute! We even had to switch rooms because the first room the porn channel wasn't working, you can't have hot motel sex without porn, right? I felt like such a little slut. I was hubby's rent-a-whore for the night and I was in love!!

I took these while he showered, he told me I didn't have to because he wanted me musty. Le Sigh! This is what the room looked like and this is how awesome my ass looked in my outfit!! I even forgot that this was one of my fantasies! Trashy motel sex, yummy! When he came out of the shower, I was still dressed (b/c I was taking pics for you guys!), and I told him I wanted him to undress me. Which he did! Starting with my boots first, bra last. We kissed, we pinched, he rammed his three fingers deep in my pussy so hard I kicked the remote off the bed in my bodyspasm!
When he entered me, I saw stars, literally, alcohol is a powerful drug when you haven't had it in over 3 years! Whew! The room was spinning and I felt as if my body was just along for the ride. He fucked me so hard he ripped my pussy in two, but did that stop me? (it should have) But no, I climbed on top of his ass and worked my pussy so hard on him I almost caught my ass on fire. I rode his dick and squeezed it so good, my man was calling my name telling me not to stop!
I got off of him for fear of blacking out and just when I caught my breath, he shoved his dick down my throat and I sucked at it hungrily. I licked and sucked while he fingered me again. My pussy was raw and burning from the pain of our delicious romp so when he dropped his face between my legs all I could do was scream at the top of my lungs, "Thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou....!"
He asked me if I was ok, I told him I was dying and he asked if I wanted him to stop, I told him no, and to keep fucking me. He did! He flipped me on to my stomach, grabbed a fistful of my hair and I thought my pussy was going to retreat into my asshole it hurt so much, and still I didn't care (fucking alcohol). When I opened my eyes to look in the full length wall to wall mirror and watched him fuck me, oh my lord, I will have that image to tide me over for weeks! He caught my eye and asked, "Do you want me to cum now?" This time common sense kicked in and I pleaded: "YES, PLEASE!"
With seven more strokes, yes I counted down the death of my pussy, it was painfully, blissfully over! I hadn't been fucked like that in a long time. And now that my pussy is obliterated, it may not be for weeks to cum. I'm completely and utterly shredded down there (if any of my slutty bloggers have any tips to correct this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!).
All-in-all, I am completely proud and impressed with my hubby's ability to be spontaneous and for him courageous! Spring has sprung in his loins and it's going to be one sexy ass season!!

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Soul Powers said...

Go hubby! Go hubby! Go hubby! Now rub some tussin on it! lol

AfroChica said...

Hot, dirty, wild sex in a sleazy motel..hmmm.. I have to put that one down on my list of things to do! :) I'm slowly becoming jealous of you & happy for you @ the same time, lol

So I see your "coochie" is up & running again huh,lol. I know you've been real busy these past couple of wks but did you ever get a chance to thank hubby for his V-Day gift?

btw: congrats on your weight loss!

Reformed Slut said...

Holy crap that was amazing! Yay for you!!! Way to go hubs...he tore it up! Gotta luv that!

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Oh yes! That seemed so good! Am so happy for you, and you look great and sexy! For the sore pussy... why not slow love-making for a change?

Black Pearl said...

@SP - Man I wish some tussin would work on this!! LMAO

@AC - I know what you mean, months ago I was loving and hating some happy bloggers too! As my grandma says: Soon Cum!!

@RS - I know! I'm still in shock (and pain)!!

@Frenchy - I would love some slow love making but my cooch is so sore she doesn't even want my hands near her!!

Mad P said...

Hot shyt!

1manview said...

Now that's eating your cake too... Family time , top of with great sex.. vivid writing to boot.. ... Now pop two aspirins and do it again. It won't cure a sore hissy, but it will make you feel goo .. lol ...