I was recently contacted by one of the adult websites to write them reviews for products, and after the initial shock of "wow, somebody actually wants my opinion", I was all set!! I figured, as only I know how, to do a review in complete Black Pearl Style!! Since this is the first I wanted to set you all up for future posts like this one. Ok, so I'll let you in on the who: The Adult Toy Shoppe and I are now BFFs in smut!! They have great sex toys among other delicious items!! I'll always give you the who, the what, the where is here, and the how...well that's the best part!!


When I saw this beautiful Nubby Crank Butt Plug, I just had to have it. It has a fucking crank on it!! Wouldn't you want one?!?!

I comes in this beautiful purple (who loves purple more than BP?) cushioned pouch with a tie string to keep it safe from harm.

Nocturnal Review

I had a meeting in the city on Wednesday which let out a little early and since none of the other teachers were going back to work why should I. I decided to go home and surprise Hubby. I pull into the driveway and already my pussy is throbbing especially since we just had sex on Monday after a month's hiatus, I felt we had a lot of catching up to do. I tiptoe into the room and swipe the Crank and the lube out of the drawer. I rush into the bathroom and let the ice cold Nubby slide its way into my ass. I swear I got hit with a mini-gasm the base of the crank hit the space between my ass and my pussy. I tiptoed back into the room and begin to undress.

Hubby wakes up while I'm taking my shirt off. "What are you doing home so early?"

I climb on top of the bed and shower him with kisses, "Surprise! My meeting let out early and I wanted to surprise you!"

"You definitely achieved that but you better stop with all of this kissing unless you want this to go somewhere."

"Um, honey...why the fuck do you think I'm taking my clothes off while I slip my tongue in and out of your mouth?"

"Is that so?!" He playfully throws me off of him and shoves me on to my back.

The pressure of the nubby sends another wave through me causing me to cry out.

"What was that for? I didn't do anything yet?"

"Oh, honey, but you did!"

I pull him to me and wrap one are around his neck for a deep kiss and with my other hand I'm roughly taking his dick and pushing it inside of me.

I can actually feel his head pass over the head of the nubby, and I squeeze my legs around his waist not wanting him to move from the spot he's in.

I slowly rock my hips back and forth loving the feeling I'm getting from having the two of them inside of me. We stay here until my arched back forces my breasts into his chest and I scream outloud, "Gotdammmmmm!"

"Wow, baby, that was pretty fast for you! And I barely touched you".

"Oh, so you wanna touch me, do you?" I ease him off of me and turn on to my stomach. I slowly present my ass for him to see.

"Oh, my!! If it isn't what caused our little fight last week!"

Without another word for instruction, hubby takes that crank with his thumb and forefinger and starts to twist the shit of it. He doesn't even start slow, he goes from zero to a hundred and I'm creaming all down my thighs. Before I can reach down to grab his dick he's already slamming his head into the super whet folds. He's ramming me and twisting the crank as if his life depended on it. I near the point of suffocation, I can't stop the continuous onslaught of orgasms. I'm screaming, literally screaming between ragged choked breaths. I feel as if my heart is going to explode but before it does, he announces, "Aw fuck, I'm cummmmmiiiiinnnnnnnggggg!" He lets go of the crank, grabs my tits, and shoots his hot load inside.

As we both relax our breathing, he gently slides the nubby out for me, and kisses me on the back of my neck.

"Um, honey, that was great and all, but the day is still early and we've got about one hour before the kiddies are home, so if you don't mind getting off me so I can get to the gym!"

What? A nooner and the gym all before the kids get home, I don't know when I'll get another opportunity like that!!! Plus, he passed out before I could get my workout pants on! HA!


Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Wow! That was damn hot! I'm rushing off to get my glass butt-plug, I want the same!

phallatio said...

I think we can safely say that it works and is well worth the price, right? xx

AfroChica said...

2 different workouts in one day??? Where do you get all that strength from? I have to give you props! :)