Nocturnal Chat #17

Sexual Reflections

It had been weeks since she and her lover made that special connection. This time neither she or he would take no for an answer. As he jumped in the shower to freshen up and after she had made sure both kiddies were off to LaLa Land, she slipped on the red silk nightgown he'd bought her weeks before. It lay still in the box and now she had no excuse not to put it on.

The moment she slid the gown over her head and felt the coolness of the silk against her nipples, she felt that familiar heat rise between her thighs. She stood in front of the mirror in front of their bed and marveled at the contrast of her hard nipples against the soft delicate fabric. She ran a brief had along the curves of her breasts, stomach and thighs. It was almost electric. The woman in the mirror smiled as the shower stopped but her hands did not.

The thought of him coming out any second to take advantage of her made her shiver even though it was a warm night. The bathroom door opened, the bedroom door closed, and the ceiling fan was clicked on. Her eyes never left the reflection. She could feel him watching her as her hand continued to explore herself in the mirror. She watched as one hand pinched a nipple while the other lifted a corner of the red gown and slipped a finger in that moist place between her legs. As much as she wanted to close her eyes and enjoy the butterflies meeting somewhere between her chest and naval, she couldn't. She had to see what pleasure looked like.

She heard his footsteps and then saw him theatrically remove her hand from her breast and kiss the length of her arm all the way to the nape of her neck. She inhaled deeply the fresh smell of soap off his cool body and watched her eyes become small slits as his hand joined hers underneath the gown. His fingers pushing in her fingers making her liquid flow down to both their knuckles, the reflection moaning softly.

His hardness was rubbing matter-of-factly behind her and his breathing was becoming raspy. She pushed back on him ever so slightly to get him to fall on to the bed. Never letting her go, he pulled her down on top of him, using their moist fingers to glide him inside. The instant his warmness met her, she watched as her head flew back in that first moment of sheer blissful contact.

She rode him slowly at first. Head now forward and her focus back on the reflection, she was mesmerized and how the straps of her gown fell on their own off her shoulders and her breasts bounced with the rhythm of their love making. With each orgasm her hands found their way to her hair, pulling heaps of hair off her neck so that he could see the profile of her breasts with each shudder. Rib cage elongated, sweat beading and running down her stomach, and her breath coming in and out in short labored sighs.

The light that danced in her eyes was hypnotizing and she squeezing and pulled him deeper inside of herself. She bucked and arched her back and leaned just enough backwards so that he could pull on her nipples and play with her clit. She felt the undeniable heat of a mastergasm building its way to the top of her skull to the base of her toes and she upped the tempo. She was magnificent. A black beauty riding her stallion. His grip on her tightened letting her know she wasn't alone. The walls of her pussy contracted and sucked every ounce of cum his dick had to offer her. Her hands clasped high above her head now came crashing down to rack his thighs as the climax filled her.

Her hair stuck to random areas surrounding her face, neck, shoulders, and breasts. Her skin radiated this unbelievable afterglow. With her head cocked to one side, she was almost certain she saw her reflection wink just before she turned around to tell her lover, "Thank you."


1manview said...

Thank you for this sexy story... They have been missed...

Autumn said...

mmmm that was a wonderful reflection. i was nodding my head in agreement about the feeling of silky fabric on nipples *giggles*

i really liked that whew

Katlynne LaSalle said...

Now this story is hotter than July! I've missed you beauty. Thanks for stopping by. Don't know about you, but blogging has taken a back seat in my life, and I miss all my followers, especially the absolute hot originals like you...keep stopping by now and then to remind me to get my BP fix!! XOXO