Holy Hot Shit Review!!!

I have been neglecting some of my filthy blogger duties, my apologies! It's been a rough few weeks with the coochinator! She is seriously out of commission, but that didn't stop me from testing this bad boy out!
Isn't it fucking cute with its purple self?! Listen to me when I tell you that this G-Rock Pleasurizer has its name for a fucking reason: It will pleasurize the shit out of your clit and your g-spot.

First of all, it fits like a glove - slides right on in. The silicone is so soft and supple it feels like real skin. I decided to do exactly what The Adult Toy Shoppe suggested: "This vibe can be worn around the house while doing your chores, or before intercourse for a sweet preparation!"
HOW SWEET IT IS HONEY! I barely made it the six feet from my bedroom to the kitchen before I had to hold on to the washing machine for the first orgasm. (Thankfully kiddies were playing unbeknownst in the living room) Then I "tried" to sweep up the kitchen, who told me to be so bold?! I don't know if it was the friction of having my thighs working it or its sweet quiet motor humming along inside me that sent me running back to my room to lie down for a minute and enjoy that "sweet prepartion"!

I had about 3 lovely afternoon gasms that were just delightful. With the holidays coming up, I suggest you either treat yourself to this one or your someone you want to see squish and squirm.


1manview said...

"I have been neglecting some of my filthy blogger duties" Yes you have.. lol ...

Kevin Lomax said...

We'd love to see a picture of the device in use... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Now if you were to show me a picture with it half in...that would give me something else to jerk off to at work instead of ur old pictures. What say you? - Hardbad