3some Debate

Hubby and I have been having some really lengthy conversations about my wants and desires, and I continue to shock and astound him at the things that would make and keep me satisfied in the bedroom. Suffice it to say that my 3some fantasy has pretty much consumed every one of these discussions.

He is under the belief that if he were to ever give in to my request that:
  1. He would be emasculated
  2. I wouldn't be satisfied with just one time
  3. I would look at him differently
  4. He would never look at me the same
To #2 I came back with, " Isn't it better to have fucked, than never to have fucked at all? At least I can say that my fantasy was fulfilled and it was fulfilled with my husband, as opposed to still aching for it in my old age."

I'm curious, how many of you have engaged in the a 3some while in a serious relationship (either guy-guy-girl or girl-girl-guy)? How did it work for you? Were there any ramifications? Any regrets? Was it only one time or multiple? Did you enjoy it?

Please put some of my fantasy into real life perspective. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I have never done it, but I want to. It seems like something that you would do while single. But I know that I want to do it while in a serious relationship because it would turn me on to see how my man would react to someone else pleasing me. But anyhoo. Im surprised that jealousy wasnt an issue.

Aphrodite said...

I have in previous relationships (always F/F/M) and loved it. So did he! My ex-husband was the only man who was never into having a 3some together (he didn't like idea of sharing me).

Careful when choosing your 3rd party. I found if the relationship wasn't that serious, I'd use a close girlfriend, best friend etc. When you share serious feelings for the partner, use a professional.

Silly Mistress said...

I think he has to realize it's all in fun. I mean, my ex and I started talking about threesomes a while ago and while he was a bit nervous at first, I HAD to let him know I understood it was for fun. Just because he and I want to add a third person into the mix, doesn't mean if he's good I'm gonna run off with him. (He and I were dating at the time, but we're still good fuck buddies. And still looking for a third person to have fun with: )

Anonymous said...

MFM is a huge fantasy of mine.
I'd love to do it with my wife, but she is totally vanilla.
And I'd do it with a couple if the circumstances were right.

Anonymous said...

I feel that a couples relationship would have to be extremely solid to embark in bring others into the bedroom. My lady and I met at a swingers party, and I left the lifestyle they day we met. Before meeting my fiancé I swung as a single man. I saw firsthand many relationships destoryed because emotionally couples couldn't handle the complexity this act brings. I saw women who slept with other women to please their man. Men who used swinging to cheat. My fiancé asked me if this lifestyle was something I wanted to continue to do? She clearly stated that she was strictly dickly, and didn't like sharing. My decision was easy. Its about what's best for us.

Joe Clyde said...

Notice a common theme. People are talking about their exes.