Museum of Sex, Dinner, and First Skin Party Equals...

...Hot make out session at Skin Party

...extremely hot photo shoot at Skin Party

...being thrown into a NYC driveway and tongued down with a hand up my skirt

...a blow job for him while driving

...a hand job for me while driving

...stopping on the side of a deserted NYC street to make out in the car

...fucking in front of our house in the car with me on top and the car door open

...having crazy ripped up fishnet stocking sex till the wee hours of the morning

That's how I plan a date night! Let's see if this inspires more creativity from him. He was very pleased with my aggressive behavior.


The world according to Gaz said...

Wow sounds like a fantastic date night, how do i get a date like that?

Topaz said...

That is one hell of a date! I like how the only focus is on you and him (and the car)... :P