Where Do I Rank?

This morning hubby asked the question, "where do I rank with all of your past lovers?"

I thought long and hard about how to correctly and politically answer this question.

I told him that the things I've asked him to work on (spontaneity, variety, open-mindedness) are what puts others before him, but that our actual sex is pretty good.

Did I answer the question best? How would you or have you answered this type of question?

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Reginald said...

Well, as a man I understand, especially since you told him you needed these things before, your saying that others were better at spontaneity, etc. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to be told that I'm just "pretty good." Especially since in the next post you say you're "practically in traction."

(but if his fucking in only "pretty good" when he has you "practically in traction" I wouldn't want to meet the previous guys, what did they do to you??? - or am I reading too much into this??)

Topaz said...

I think you did fine... answering with the things he knows you wanted improvement in shows him how important those traits are to you. This will cement it in his mind! And you can never go wrong with commenting on sex. Win/win!