My VaJayJay is Deformed

Ok guys, here are some reasons why I've been MIA:
1. Been depressed for a while
2. Finally on Cymbalta and going back to solo therapy. Combo seems to be working
3. Haven't had sex in about 2 1/2 months.
4. Had a series of infections which doctors just say some women are more susceptible to get, ugh
5. Then I just had surgery to have my recurring sebaceous cysts removed from my coochie area
6. The incision is 6 inches long and there is a huge chunk of my vajayjay missing.

I'm still recovering. I spend a lot of time with my legs sprawled open not in a sexy way either. Even yesterday, I had to get out because it was so nice. So we pulled out the wheelchair from when I was preggers and went to a fair. Under any other circumstance it would have been sexy going out commando. However, not so much when it actually looks like a bomb went off between my legs.

Hubby's exact words were "I think that's the worst thing I've ever seen!" I thought about posting pics but ...I don't know. You guys have seen everything else right?

Well, I've definitely lost my mojo after the meds were actually working to bring it back. Sigh.

If you want to weigh in on how bad it looks let me know.

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Charlene said...

I'm so sorry to learn you have been under the knife and scaring your husband with resultant body parts. You'll be better soon and no, I don't need to see a picture!

The world according to Gaz said...

Sorry about losing your mojo after things were actually getting better for you. Hope your hubby is retreating from his comments. That must really hurt

phallatio said...

I would LOVE to see it. Can't believe it looks that bad.

Metaphysicial said...

Normally, I would want to see every inch of your sexy body; but under the circumstances, I believe you have a "right to privacy."

Please heal and get better soon so you can show us the "new and improved" you. :)

hamachi15 said...

Sorry to hear that. I'm sure it just needs time to heal.

EllaGirl said...

Your recovery comes first, pictures later :-). Take care lovely one, xo - E.

1manview said...

Juat get better soon... And that's OK about the pic. I would like to remener it as it was in its hey day.. LMBO..

Anonymous said...

had an ex once who had some trouble with her labia and the doctor had to nip and tuck. it wasnt ugly...just different. yours cant be that bad either, babes. i say put up a picture anyways!

The Dude

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Oh! You will eventually get much better and your mojo back. And I also prefer to see the best of you.

Hope you are already feeling better, dear! Sorry for being so late.

Warm hug!