What Sexy Names Do We Have For Body Parts?

This one goes out to my girl and work partner:

She hates the word "Pussy", what other words can we give her for her naughty parts?

And what names do you all have for your nasty guy and girl parts?

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Anonymous said...

kitty kat or fluff for her.

1manview said...

In my poetry I like to use the word haven, meaning refuse for his you know want... lol...
Words I've seen used;
Miss prissy
Honey pot
Hidden treasure
velvet trust
Midas touch

The only thing that crosses my mind for anal is
eternal darkness
chocolate hole
darkest hole.

If something good pops up in my reading, I shall return...

Metaphysicial said...


as for anal, I have gay friends who refer to it as "dipping in the peanut butter."

the late phoenix said...

yssup (pussy backwards)

although admittedly that's hard to pronounce

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Cannot do 'em all in this weee time on earth, yet, ya most certainly CAN in Heaven where we have the length and breadth of eternity. Meet me in Heaven, gorgeous girl, where I’ll tenderly, gently, lovingly kiss your feet because I’m so #@!! happy you made it. Puh-Ray-Zah God bless you. Lookit ‘sexponential’ first and lemme make love to you Beyond the Clouds. See ya soon.