2011 Sexual Bucket List

More from couple's home therapy (we have yet to discuss sex with the new therapist)

...here's this year's updated Sexual Bucket List: (basically all the different places and ways I'd like to have sex)
  1. Elevator
  2. plane
  3. Sex party
  4. 3some for me
  5. 3some for him
  6. waterfall
  7. open meadow
  8. subway
  9. in the rain
  10. blow up doll
  11. on a bar during happy hour
  12. in my school - on my desk or in my classroom
  13. in a firehouse
  14. roped and gagged
  15. latex'd
I'm sure I'm missing some but wanted to get the list out before Hubby wakes up to go to work.


Richard, Shhh... said...

In the classroom, better not fuck a student -- pick another teacher or a principal. Or a FORMER teacher like ME!

1manview said...

Sex party, does that mean in front of a crowd? Like the open mewdow one. ... On a lake, under the stars, in a boat. Believe me, on a nice boat, this is great...

Advizor54 said...

Elevator - Excellent
plane - Too many sky marshalls
Sex party - Cool
3some for me - Very Cool
3some for him - Too good to be true
waterfall - F***ing freezing
open meadow - bring a blanket
subway - way too germy
in the rain - See waterall comment
blow up doll - for you?
on a bar during happy hour - this is good
in my school - on my desk or in my classroom - I agree with 1manView, don't get arrested.
in a firehouse - with a fireman? Yes
roped and gagged - I have rope
latex'd - sexy, but just leave room to breath

Good Luck on your list!!! it assures us of 15 very interesting posts...