Can A Dirty Girl Get Some Enthusiasm?!

As you all know I've become a tad bit anal obsessed lately...so say the least. I've been trying to stretch my hidey hole for a few hours every night with my favorite little plug (pics to cum on HNT *snicker snicker*). Anyhoo! Remember how positively horny I was on Friday that I took matters into my own hands (or water bottle) in the school bathroom, right? Well, that horniness followed me home where I told hubby of my dastardly deeds. His comment: "Wow, babe, you're really something else. You better be careful before you get caught and get into some serious trouble". WHADAFUCK? No, damn, tell me all about it...no, what exactly did you do...no, shit baby I'm so horny thinking about my naughty wife!! I get straight laced yet again! BUT does that stop your dirty girl from trying to rope him into my filthymcnasty mind? NOPE!!

I wait for him to go take his nap. I dip into my handy dandy drawer by the side of my bed, pull out my favorite plug and jump into the shower with it. Now that I get porn on my phone - WHOO - I'm addicted!! I'm in the bathroom with my little friend, the porno, the lube, and the hot water from the shower (I'm so going to ruin my phone if I keep this up!). I get the plug nice and snug inside and break myself off a minigasm in the process. I come out of the shower and continue my night time routine for about 2 hours and then go to bed. I take a power nap myself because I want the shit that I'm going to wake up for to be fucking awesome. I wake about 2 hours later and give hubby the wakeupI'mhornypenisrub. He wakes up and mumbles something about owing me from the other night and starts kissing my neck. I take his hand and put it between my legs and for a few minutes he doesn't venture far enough down to feel that we've got company. When he makes the discovery, he stops kissing me and says: "You're a trip, you know that?" DUH!! After that I gave him a few pointers, you know: pull it out a little, twist it, push it in deeper...which he completely ignored! I asked him after whether he was bothered that I used it, and he said that he wasn't just that it would take some getting used to...and that it just further proves to him how much I want a threesome. Again, DOUBLE DUH! The fucking that we did have was fanfuckingtastic. With the plug inside, I just kept imagining that 2nd guy fucking my sweet hole. I had some lightning sharp orgasms that curled my toes and arched my back to the point of breaking. I can't wait to train hubby on how to make fucking with a plug more fun and interactive - as if I don't have enough teaching to do during the day!!


Soul Powers said...

Sounds like it worked like a charm! :) Well, you know what I mean... At least you got some dick somewhere. :)

Library Vixen said...

LOVE it ! You are such deliciously dirty girl. Hubby needs a bit of a kick in the ass. Sometimes it seems as though he has never met you before.?
Tell us about hubby's dick. I cannot wait to hear about when he finally give is an to your ass.

yours in filth.

Sheen V said...

I just love reading your blog - it really gets me going!

ms. downlow said...

Oooh Pearl...this is some hotness right here! So exciting to read about a healthy marital sexual relationship.