Filthy Dirty Gurl!!!

I DID IT!!! I'm such a nasty girl this morning. I don't know what got into me but after running late to work this morning I felt I needed a
sweet release. I went into the last stall in the teachers bathroom, set up some porn on my phone, and went to town between my legs. First I tried one of those really big highliters but it wasn't comfortable, then I tried my mini lotion bottle and couldn't find the right angle.
Finally I grabbed my water bottle, pulled my tight jeans even tighter and set to grinding. I don't know if it was because I was in a school bathroom or because 3 teachers came in into the bathroom on 3 separate instances or if I was just that fucking horny but the glorious orgasm that was my handsome reward - GotDAMMIT!!! I had both hands on the walls of the stall and the moan that escaped my lips had to be heard in the class across the hall!!! WHEW!!!! Happy Masturbation Friday to Me!!!!!!

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Richard said...

Enjoy yourself.
All's well that ends well.

undrcvrbd said...

NICE....I love the water bottle action. I wish I could have been standing in the next stall looking down at your sexy ass. I too release in the men's room every so often with a little help from a female friend on the cell talking dirty to me as she drives home from work. As you have more experiences such as these, you will learn the technique of squeezing, popping, flicking, stroking without the moaning....LOL

Freckles said...

such creativity. I use to keep a remote control bullet in my desk in my office. Sometimes you just need a release.

Library Vixen said...

nice one!

Bill said...

Okay baby, I think it's time for you to DO it in your classroom during a prep period. Wear a skirt with no panties, sit at your desk, and go AT it. The desk will provide you enough "privacy" to recover in case someone DOES enter your room.

Several years ago I was DOING it sitting at my desk and came just as a colleague walked into my room. I wasn't discovered, but it was close.

Your turn.


Black Pearl said...

@Bill - Where've ya been?! Anyhoo, I think for now, I'll keep the below the waist exploration for the teacher's bathroom...unless, I could sneak one in my office in the guidance office....HMMMMMM?

Bill said...

The guidance office sounds VERY interesting. :)

Can't wait to hear about it!

Dramah Queen said...