Nocturnal Chat #10 - Part Two

Staying After Class (FANTASY!!!!)

Collaboration with the ever-sexy Soul Powers (= Orange)

I'm looking down at her, directly into her eyes and I know she's pleasantly surprised. What teacher expects a young man like me to be so emboldened as to come on to her with the expectation that it would work. I stick to myself for a reason, and she is about to find out why.

"Miss, I know I sound kinda bold but I like what I like. And for once in my high school life, I'm not afraid to go after it--I mean you."

She didn't say a word. She just kept looking at me with a desirous eye and I could tell she was prepared to receive me any way I wanted to have her."Stand up," I ordered as I started to walk back to my desk to get my bag. She stood--hands on her hips as if she couldn't believe where this was going--and looked at me awaiting further instruction. It was kinda weird telling an adult what to do, but since she was listening I decided to milk it.

"Come here," I summoned her to the back door of the classroom. Having the last room in the corridor would provide some strategic advantages. See, what she didn't know is that I was extremely dominant and creative. I don't care about XBox and PS3; my Madden is found lurking in dark places of sensuality.

When she got close enough, I grabbed her face with both hands and sucked her bottom lip. She initially went limp before finding her legs enough to push against my body and hard dick.

"Do you feel that? It can all be yours if you submit to me," I said to her.

She reacted sheepishly at first, but then instinctively went to her knees and went to reach for my zipper. I smacked her hands away and she looked at me startled.

"You haven't earned that right yet! Give me your hands!" I shouted. I pulled out the Prisoner Rope Cuffs I made last week and wrapped each around her hands and fastened it tight! I raised her hands over her head and hooked the cuffs on door hook so that she was on her tip-toes. I had her face the door so that I could see that beautiful apple-bottom ass of hers.


I whacked her on her ass and then leaned in to suck on her neck. She started moaning and rubbing her thighs together. I could tell she was getting wet even with my limited sexual experience. I hiked up her skirt and lifted her blouse so her tits were pressed against the window of the door.

Her tits were exposed, her ass was mine and now the fun was just beginning.

Did I not only just let an 18yo boy hand-cuff me to the fucking back door or my classroom, but did I just drop to my knees in sweet surrender to his bulging penis?


Reality is my tits are pressed up against this cold glass window in the door and my tight taut ass is dangling in the air awaiting another sting of his heavy palm. The sting never comes as I feel him run both hands along my sides, and as he reaches my hips his hands head inward to my thighs which I have pressed closed using the pressure to tease my clit.

"Uh Uh, Miss. I want these legs to stay open..." with both hands he spreads my thighs so that my tiptoes are barely skimming the floor, "...all the way open for what I need to do. I bet you can't guess what I'm about to do."

"Um, maybe you could..."


"No, Miss, that was what you English teachers call are rhetorical question," and with that he shoved what felt like a fist of fire into my sopping wet love tunnel. "Damn, Miss! Do you get this wet for all of your students? You betta not answer me!"


My wrists are fighting against the ropes as I try to remain on my toes for fear of further fist punishment, but before I can steady myself, he pulls his hand out and I can hear him licking me slowly. I shudder and rub my tits in little circles enjoying the coolness the glass give me. He slides his palm from my clit to my blind eye getting it all wet with my juice. He parts my cheeks roughly and jams his thumb inside while the other four fingers battle to find my spot within the folds of my pussy. With his other hand I hear him unzip his pants and by the sounds of it, he's got precum all over the tip. If I wasn't hogtied to this door, I would suck all the boldness right out of him.


"Don't get any ideas Miss, I want that beautiful apple bottom to stay right where it is!" It's as if he's in my head! He starts working his hand between my legs with more commitment now, and I can feel his fingers fighting one another over the flesh that separates me, and the product of his efforts is a full splash down on to his arm, my legs, his Tims, and the classroom floor.

My body is shook from the inside out, but before I can recover he spreads my cheeks to the brink of burning and begins sliding his stiff manhood from my clit all the way up to the crest of my behind. He's teasing me, taunting me, inciting this battle of the wits with my professional mind and my slutty one. I want him inside me so much so that I start swinging from the door frame into his playful thrusts, but he stops.. He pins me back to the door and stretches my ass further apart. I whimper. I wince.

"Now you're starting to get who's in charge, Miss."


ms. downlow said...

Hello Black Pearl! Wow, this is HOT! Love your fresh, descriptive style.

Just stopped by to get turned on, and I did!

Thanks for continually cheering me on. You're so talented, I am honored to have your interest and support baby!

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This HAUTE lady. I like to come by here and find my motivation - thanks.

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Loving it...Now I am hot and horny lol

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Hot and erotic writing... Heads up ...

Transylvanian Miss said...

Your writing is very very good, believable which is rare these days. Thourghly enjoying your story can't wait to read more! :)