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It's Cas Marino's funniest and sexiest blog yet! Read "How Do You Like Your Meat? Part Four of Four Parts, exploring the relationships and relations between gay men and their heterosexual counterparts..." at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/cas-marino/how-do-you-like-your-meat

Our newest celebrity blogger, Black Pearl, continues with her steamy thoughts on threesomes at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/black-pearl/can-there-be-happy-ending-after

Date the French way in NYC. Read our review of French Tuesdays at http://www. eroticnewyork.com/dating-in-nyc/french-tuesdays

Is RF Lounge the best new lesbian bar in NYC? Read our review at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/sexy-bars-clubs/rf-lounge

Looking for hot boys? Look no further than hip, gay bar, Vlada at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/sexy-bars-clubs/vlada

Find romance in December with sexy restaurants. Read our review of Fig & Olive at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/romantic-restaurants/fig-and-olive

It's a romantic restaurant, but does the food deliver? Read our review of The Park at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/romantic-restaurants/the-park

What’s erotic beauty? Check out our newest section at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/erotic-beauty. Whether you're looking for manscaping or laser hair removal, read our reviews of:

The Male Body at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/beauty-spa/the-male-body
Romeo & Juliette at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/beauty-spa/romeo-and-juliette
Ame rican Laser Center at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/beauty-spa/american-laser-center

Don't forget to check out parties for December 31, 2009 - three of NYC's biggest swingers' clubs - DDevious Delights, SinSation and Casbar - are joining forces and members for the hottest sex party on December 31st. For more information, go to our Erotic Calendar December 2009 at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/sex-calendar/erotic-calenda-december-2009

What's so funny? Read Today’s Sexy News for laugh out loud articles from across the web at http://www.eroticnewyork.com/sexy-news

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