TMI Award & Lastest ENY Post

I was a little sick...actually a lotta sick the past few days and missed some really cool posts and didn't get to post a few of my own...

Thank you so much to Miss Moi over at Kiss The Pen for my TMI Award!!!! Please go check out her blog...it's kissably delicious!! And here is my list of 8 things a voyeur or peeping tom might potentially catch me doing:
1. writing this blog
2. begging my husband for sex
3. taking entirely too long in the shower with my yummy shower head
4. watching porn on my phone while hubby sleeps
5. rocking my baby to sleep
6. fiddling with my pussy hairs
7. poking a fingertip into my ass
8. still begging for some sex though maybe anal this time!

You guys are sooooooo gonna want to read this one!!!
This is what my Erotic NY staff had to say about it:

"Everyone - gay, straight, bi, transgender - should read Black Pearl in her sexiest and funniest blog yet, Penis Envy"


the.kisser said...

your welcome lady...#2 is something i hope i won't have to go through, i'm thinking about drafting up a marriage sex contract....


phallatio said...

Christ, you with a dick would be dangerous!

Having said that, I would happily bend over so you could fuck me!

Black Pearl said...

@Kiss - if you make that sex contract, make sure to post it for us to share with our lovers!!

@Phallatio - sweetheart nothing would please me more than to plow that ass!!!

Topaz said...

Can't go over and read now, but just wanted to stop in and wish you a Merry Christmas!