Nocturnal Chat #13

Working It out - Part One

I thought I was running late for my appointment with the trainer but thankfully she was the one running behind. The gym receptionist told me to warm-up either by taking a walk around the track, riding the bike or elliptical, or stretch until the trainer got there. I opted to warm-up on the bike for a few minutes. I don't know why I made that choice because I usually hate the bike. I can never get comfortable and the seat typically hurts my cooch. Oddly, I was quite comfortable on this particular bike, the seat felt as if it were manufactured just to fit me. I sat up on it real close and pedaled. The friction between the seat and my thighs got my clit to throbbing, so I pedaled faster and faster. I could feel the sweat pooling in my sports bra and I closed my eyes, inhaled, and just when I felt my body start to tense up: my name was called on the P.A. system. Damn. Opened my eyes and went to meet the trainer, but not before I memorized the location of my bike (second row, 5th bike).
The trainer didn't look at all what I expected, over the phone she sounded, well, manly. However, her body was everything I aspired my body to be. She had 10-pack abs, an ass so tight that I silently envisioned trying to stick a finger in without success, toned breasts with these perfectly perky nipples, and her hands (you know I have a thing for hands). Her hands were large (like mine, not freakishly large, but they fit her body), and her nails were manicured with classic white french tips. She introduced herself as Jenn and led me over to the trainer's corner of the gym. Not totally secluded but semi-enclosed. Jenn spent the first few minutes explaining how she was going to work me out with little to no movement which would garnish the desired results.
Our first contact occurred when she asked me to bend at my waist and touch my toes. To show me the correct form she placed on hand on my lower back and the other hand over my abdomen. Her hands were hot but not sweaty. She was close enough for me to smell the cinnamon Altoids she was sucking on.
I shivered.
She asked if I was ok and I played it cool saying I felt a draft. Jenn insisted that she'd get me good and warm in a few minutes. Again, in my head I'm saying, "Yeah, I bet you will".
I shook whatever images out of my mind and focused on my power training. After a half an hour, I was sore and sweaty. "Ready for your cool down? Cuz I'm going to stretch you out".
"Bring it on!" I told her a little bit too enthusiastically.
She had me lay down on my back on the mat and instructed me to lift my right leg. She positioned herself on her knees between my legs with my right leg on her left shoulder. As I pushed, Jenn pushed. First time was brutal, but the second time she was able to get my leg that much closer to me and she let her fingers linger where my thigh branches out to my feminine V. It took my breath away.
"You ok?" She asked.
I nodded my head. Jenn asked me to switch legs and this time her hand rested firmly on my mound with unabashed boldness that made me instantly wet. I'd never been turned on by a woman before and certainly not by a woman in public. The idea of any gym member walking by or another trainer bringing in a client forced me to take a look around. There were dozens of people moving about the gym going about their own daily routines and no one was paying us any mind.
With her hand pressing on my mound, she took her thumb and started to fondle my clit through my sweat pants, all the while my left leg hung on her right shoulder.
"Let me know if I'm hurting you, ok?"
I mumbled an embarrassed, "Um, hm", just as her thumb sunk deeper into my panties. She was pulsing my leg to the rhythm of her hand and I felt myself getting more and more excited. The cum juices were trickling down my backside as she got bolder and bolder, and stuck her thumb in deeper and deeper.
"Just breathe, you're doing fine," she coached me through an orgasm. My eyes were trained on hers, my palms gripping the rubber mat, and my pelvis shifting subtly to meet her probing thumb.
"Hey, Jenn, how's the newbie handling your workout," the gym manager came out of no where leaning over the ledge. From his angle all he would see is my leg on her shoulder, her arm and hand were blocked by her body and my leg.
"She's a trooper, but her muscles are so tight since she hasn't worked out in over a year, you know, new baby and all".
"Why don't you send her down to the sauna? I was just down there and I think there's one open. Let me check."
Jenn began kneading my groin in such a way that it felt as if she were inside of me. I couldn't really enjoy this because she dropped my leg when the manager reappeared with a towel and a key. "Show her where Sauna B is, and here you go, I hope this makes your muscles feel better".
Jenn didn't give me a moment to process what was happening before she led me down the stairs to the locker room across from the saunas. She told me where to lock up my clothes and then I could go into the sauna for as long as I could stand it.
When I came out of the locker sans clothes and just a huge fluffy white towel, Jenn was no where to be found. I let myself into the Sauna B which was small and empty. I switched the sign to say occupied, dropped my towel and laid down on the hot cedar bench. I poured some water onto the coals and let the steam take me away. My hands immediately found their way downtown and tried to reenact Jenn's "training"
I didn't hear her come in. I didn't see her naked body. I didn't realize what was going on until I felt her part my legs and bury her face there...


Meagan said...

That was a very nice sexy, feel good read! Makes me want to go to the gym with hopes of having the same orgasmic experience.

phallatio said...

Good writing!

Soul Powers said...


I tell you, it's amazing how women luck out! :) There's no being demure if a woman did that to a man.

I love the daring nature she showed, right in the open. Love it... You're such a little exhibitionist. :)

Excellent reflection! :)

The world according to Gaz said...

That's one awesome fantasy. I wonder how often it really happens?

the.kisser said...

sigh...i wish i was that bold when it came to women. great story *wiping sweat off of nipples*


Anonymous said...

I'm not writing much these days so I was so delighted to read your tale...you've inspired me. xo - E

1manview said...

I was right there watching, very visual, very hot...

Black Pearl said...

@1man - I knew I saw you peeking, glad I was able to give you a good show!