Nocturnal Chat #14

Working It Out - Conclusion

I didn't hear her come in. I didn't see her naked body. I didn't realize what was going on until I felt her part my legs and bury her face there in my most steamy place. I arched my back as she lavishly sucked my feminine juices. With one hand squeezing my hardened nipples, and the other gripping her head from behind, I couldn't control the moan that escaped from my lips.
This only intensified her adoration of me. Her tongue went deeper, she plucked a finger in and out of my tight muscle with such precise skill I forgot about my husband at home for a moment or two.
She licked.
She nibbled my clit.
She ran her fingers straight through my downtown hairs.
She probed with hands, lips, tongue, mouth.
Never letting me out of her sight.
Her intense gaze forcing me in.
Making me want her.
Asking for permission just this once.
I closed my eyes and inhaled the sweet pungent steam that was me.
My nostrils filling with the scent of hot saliva and female toxins.
When I opened my eyes and connected with hers once again, she knew what I wanted.
She knew what I wanted before I even met her.
She knew that today was her day to make me hers.
When she stood up, I saw it.
I knew she had no doubt in her mind what was going to happen here.
Attached to black leather straps was a 9" steel dick .
The middle strap sunk deep within her vaginal walls causing it to drip and scorch the steam room floor.
"Turn around". That was my only instruction.
The only sound she made was when she opened her palm, licked it and then slid it up and down the base of her silver shadow.
On my knees, I shook with anticipation. Unable to quell the curious desire that was pulsating through my entire body.
Without warning, without false words, without sweet innuendos, she pierced me.
Plunging fast and hard, the cool of her steel dick mixed with the heat of the steam made it hard to breathe.
Nearly suffocating I took her all in.
Thrust after thrust.
Her hands alternating on my ass, in my hair, on my breasts, on my clit.
Euphoria, the only word to describe the climax that rounded out the curves of my back to contortionist standards.
I shook with ecstasy as her crescendo of thrusts slowed down to match mine.
She slid out trailing sweet sticky nectar down my thighs which she greedily lapped up.
From my knees, I slowly turned over on my side. She was already back in her robe.
She smiled at me once before going out.
Her manager walked past with a knowing glance, "Lunch breaks over Jenn".


Gray said...

Oh my, what a great lunch break!:)

Ubong Da said...

wow I shouldn't be reading this in the office. Damn. Now I have to go visit the loo but alas how do I get up with the tell tale sign?

phallatio said...

Fabulous. Made me hard. xx

JStar said...

Sexy Sexy...I shoulda waited til I got off work to read this and handle a few things lol

max said...

the euphoria of reading this is pretty good, too.

Black Pearl said...

All of you naughty boys and girls getting hot and bothered by me while on the job = priceless!!

UD - one of the times that being a woman is great, we can get horny and moist and no one will know! You fellas get horny and you have a 7" pole standing at attention in your pants - No envy there! Oh, but to be a co-worker to glimpse you as you make that made dash to the john to relieve yourself!!

Soul Powers said...

Lord Have MERCY! I swear I could see each line of this play out in my head...Almost exploded I got so hard.... I have to put this scene on replay! :)

the.kisser said...

definitely what i needed to read right now, now i have an amazing visual to masturbate to...many thanx and drips!


Black Pearl said...

@kisser - you are most welcum! Happy Drippings!!!

Black Pearl said...

@Soul - play on playah!!