They Like Me...They Really, Really Like Me...

I got this email and I'm thrilled, it's not a huge deal but it makes me feel good:

Love Boudoir is a showcase for some of the best erotic blogs on the internet.On our search for those beautifully written pieces of erotica, we found your blog.It is our pleasure to include a link to your blog under our "Must-Read" category.Your writing is delicious! We warmly encourage you to continue!

Yay for BlackPearl!!!
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Library Vixen said...

congrats love!

Amarie said...


Soul Powers said...

Congrats! They added me about a week ago, but my name was so buried on the list I didn't bother mentioning it. lol.

ms. downlow said...

CONGRAT-U-F'N-LATIONS! This is absolutely super! and so true. Love your writing! and thanx so much for supporting me.

I have been so exhasted with churning out the book, and want you to know when I'm done, your site is at the top of my list of favs. to frequent.

Love that you feature me on the side here, too. Gotta do that with yours on my site.

JStar said...

I know that's right!!! Do your thang!!! Congrats!!!