TMI Follow Up...

Undrcvrbd wanted to know the following:

3A) Who was better that night Boyfriend or Lover? Dick down it would have to be lover! His dick was so big and yummy I wrote a poem about it!
3B) Why did you feel the need to have a LOVER and a boyfriend? my boyfriend at the time had a pencil dick (no offense to the little wieners of the world) and acted like he was a porn star all the time - NOT! Lover on the other had was adventurous and was the one I mentioned about fucking while driving!
3C) Who turned out to be the father? Ugh, boyfriend.
3D) Was the result what you wanted? Not really, boyfriend ended up being a real asshole and only spent a whopping 6 months in my daughter's life, on the other hand lover is still a close friend, he's married now and is an awesome father to two boys.

Bill asked:
Just curious - does hubby know about that? Yep, because he had to deal with me going to court and I needed to explain why my daughter's father was such an asshole.

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JStar said...

Yea I know the feeling about the pencil d*ck thing...My boyfriend is average but above average is what I need. I need someone to break my back out lol...But I feel in love with him before we went there so I will have to deal with it...