What The Hell? Where is Everyone?!?!

I post this HUGE life altering proposal (PROP. 3) and have only received one comment??!! I've been checking all day to see how you guys feel and to get some advice and I just see little crickets dancing on my screen. No love? Did I get too real? Is the fantasy too much? I thought we were way beyond the tip toe topics and delving into the heart of the filthy girl's mind.

Can you please show me some love and attention? I know you're visiting, I know you are...but why isn't anyone saying anything??!!

(Hate to say it, but if I've made you all uncomfortable, I'll pull the post...have never done that, but it is what it is)


the.kisser said...

i'm sorry hun :(
i read your post but wasn't allowed to comment. in regards to your 3some, do it, if both are willing, go get your's girl! what would be the factors holding you back?

NightFall914 said...

I'm new here so hell I'll jump in with no prior knowledge othernthen this Prop 3 post.

I think a lot of people have fun and enjoy reading tales like this and for some they live through the exploits of others. But for many of those same folk the decent side of them, the lil angel on the shoulder may stop then from campaigning and cosigning the blatant destruction of marriage vows in such an explicit and preconceived manner.

If things "just happen" it's one thing but maybe planning to be that "bad" is a bit much for people.

For the record I voted not to do it.

Black Pearl said...

Thank you Night for your honest candidness, I appreciate it.

Black Pearl said...

@Kisser - factors? The looming big one: I'm married; which regret can I live with: the one of never fulfilling my fantasy or the one of stepping out on the marriage; what if I don't like it or worse what if I like it so much I want more?

natasha warren said...

dont do it.

if sex is more important than the love you have for your husband then there is something wrong. either leave and do all the things you wnt to do, or stay and understand your husband doesnt view sex like you.

what IF he finds out?
how do you explain how it happened?

Bill said...

I hadn’t checked our blog for several days and was hoping your husband had finally “seen the light” after your exquisite Halloween sex that left you both totally drained and perfectly content.

Even though you say you aren’t completely decided if you will DO it, I get the distinct feeling that in the back of your mind you have made up your mind.

That said, I have several questions. What will your husband’s reaction be when he finds out? Knowing you, I don't believe you will lie to your husband if he asks. Do you think he will be understanding and “forgive” you?

Obviously the biggest decision you have to make is, when your husband finds out, will it destroy your marriage and if so, will the experience have been worth it?

I realize that this has been a fantasy of yours your whole adult life, but how do you think you will feel about yourself after having the threesome with the men? Will you require both mean to wear condoms during all penetration to protect your health?

As long as you seem to have decided to go ahead and experience your ultimate fantasy, have you considered setting up a video camera to capture the session for YOUR personal use. If it ends up being a one-time thing, I’m sure you would treasure this video.

I personally don’t see much difference in whether this happens on the spur of the moment or if you plan it in advance. Both scenarios would follow a decision made by you.

You question which would you regret more – stepping outside your marriage or not fulfilling your greatest sexual fantasy. Just remember you have your whole life ahead to fulfill that fantasy. You DO realize you will have NO trouble finding men to help you experience your threesome, so don’t feel pressured and feel you MUST do it now.

Have you discussed fidelity with your husband? I suppose there is an outside chance that he might “welcome” some help satisfying you as long as you practice completely safe sex. Just curious – how would you feel about him having sex with other women? Possibly an open type marriage is something to be considered if you both do love each other “unconditionally” and if you can both handle it emotionally.

Those are just some of my thoughts, and I’m sure that you have already thought about ALL of the issues that I have just mentioned.

I realize this is a very difficult and important decision that you must make. Just make sure it is totally YOUR decision.

inherservice said...

My first thought reading something like that is how wonderful it would be to lick you clean when you came home...of course, were I so lucky you wouldn't have all these other quandaries to deal with!

voyeur36 said...

Question. What woukld happen if he found out? On the other hand you have to live your life for you, and not what everyone demands. If its with 2 parties that you trust, then I say go for it. If there is no chance of hubby finding out, Go for it, you only live once.

the.kisser said...

omg, i knew i commented on this. yeah i remember and we agreed that you could blame your toys for any evidence that may be left. lol... sorry for my confusion.

Black Pearl said...

@IHS - thanks!

@Voyeur - you're not alone with that question, so I'm going to post a full response.

Katlynne LaSalle said...

Hello Black Pearl!

You know what happened to me. I stepped out to cope with my husband's infidelity.

But, did you know it was supposed to be a one time thing for me? Well, damn it! Sexy is such a fabulous lover, I became addicted! I couldn't stop if I wanted to, then I'd hate myself when I was with hubby. As soon as he left, I was back in bed with Sexy!

I won't tell you what to do. You already know the potential consequences, now armed with all that wisdom, you have to decide.

Kevin Lomax said...

On your hands and knees and wanting feedback? Stay in that position and I'll "feed you in the back"! No excuses or backing out: your ass is mine! ;-P