Can toddlers sense when something is wrong with mommy and daddy? It took everything I had not to burst into tears after this happened today. It's not like we're not talking or even fighting right now, but still...

As I'm carrying my son to take his bath we cross paths with hubby and this is the dialogue that ensued:

Son: Daddy shum here (he then puts one arm around my neck and one around daddy's neck
Hubby: Yes
Son: (looks at Daddy) Daddy an' Mommy (looks at me) frenz
Confused Daddy look
Me: Daddy and mommy are friends
Son: Yes, Mommy. (Looking at daddy) Daddy shuddle wif Mommy
Me: He wants you to cuddle with me
Son: *sigh* yes mommy (as if he was frustrated that I'm translating). Daddy you shuddle mommy right now. Daddy an' Mommy frenz.
Hubby: Ok, I'm friends with mommy. We'll cuddle later.
Son: Good job, daddy, good job!

We have an appointment with a new therapist on Tuesday next week. I have to work on my list of issues so I don't get frustrated in session and not get everything out.

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1manview said...

You can not fool kids anymore then they can fool you, when it comes to feelings...