Happy Pity Party, I Mean, New Year!

My husband is back in asshole mode. He's been there for quite some time now. Let's count the ways:
1. Ignored our son the day after missing his birthday to play video games
2. Bought a brand fucking new 55" flat screen TV for himself for Christmas but we can't pay this months mortgage because HE deserves it.
3. Had me get a family friendly game for all of us for Christmas and has been promising our daughter all week that we'd play together but what is he doing instead right now while I type this? Playing his fucking game with his online buddies.
4. Has told me in so many words when I say I'm unhappy with the state of our marriage and how he treats myself and the kids - "you'll get over it".
5. We're supposed to start back at therapy but part of me really wants to know what's the point? It's been five years and I don't know how much more of him emotionally hurting me and the kids that I can stand.

I am just so unhappy when I come home knowing he's there. I find myself being thrilled when he decides to take double night shifts or just sleep at work.

When I tell him that our daughter now tells me that "Daddy cares more about his video games than he does me". He just says that shes supersensitive and he's working on it. How is a 10 year old supposed to get that?

It is taking every ounce of willpower in me every day not to take that fucking PS3 and drive my car over it about a hundred times.

Sorry for the pity party and it's only the 2nd day of the year.

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phallatio said...

Huh? I am confused. I thought you guys were good. Judging by your posts, I thought everything was sweet.

Just remember this: the marriage rate is down and the divorce rate is up. There are more quitters than ever!

If you truly love him, hang in there, and know that your loyal readers love you!

pleaseeatme said...

Steal the PS3! Tell him someone broke in and took it. Go pawn it and the tv for mortgage money! Then tell him to figure it out - family or not? Let him decide.

Hang in there!

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Aawww! It looks like your husband is very frustrated himself. I would say go for that therapy and try everything you can to save your relationship. No one could blame you for not trying. Courage!

Bib, big hug!

1manview said...

You know the grass is always greener... I would read your blog and wish my spouse was more sexual spontaneous like yourself. But I guess your wish your spouse would show you the love like I get. Always greener... I wish peace be in your heart this new year...