My Therapy Theme Song!

I hate going to new therapists! You have to start all over, rehash old shit, before you can get to the new shit, all the background information....When I want is for him to fucking LISTEN!!

This is our 4th, shit, maybe 5th attempt at fixing our marriage. He swears he bends to my every will and has no say. I say he's still living on single island and he doesn't give a shit about what I say. I say he talks and treats the kids like shit. He says he was raised where a child is to be seen and not heard...the list goes on and on.

But I think this will honestly be my last attempt. It's be 5 years of the same exhausting fights, but I will not stand by and what him be a tyrant to my kids. Even today he screamed at our 10 year old as she was trying to be cute in asking him to attend her school recital...but because she was asking in a roundabout 10 year old he said, "Don't ever ask me any stupid questions! That was a stupid question and I will not entertain such nonsense!" After whisper fighting for 10 minutes I got him to apologize to her...why do I have to keep doing that?

I'm looking into signing him up for some type of sensitivity training or counseling and add that to the ultimatum list...and by the by I did not wake his whack ass up for sex last night and he woke up all pissed off. OH-FUCKING-WELL!!

I know y'all want some T-N-A and once I get out of this marital fucking funk, I will get back to it. Just bare with me while I bare with his fucking ass.



Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Crossing fingers he will try to improve! You have all my sympathy!


Aphrodite said...

Hey Hon, I thought you were going strong. Didn't realise things had gone south. Whatever your decision, stay strong and determined. These things can be shitty but you'll know if it's the right thing to do.