Nocturnal Chat #6

Photo Shoot ;-)

I dropped the kids off at my mother's . I made sure my husband was off to work. I pulled the blinds shut so the neighbors couldn't see in. I got all my outfits, shoes, toys, and accessories lined up and ready to go. My hair and makeup - flawless. He texted, "Is the coast clear?" Yup.
I let him in moments later. We hugged. Discussed details as I watched him set up his equipment. Which outfit to wear first? "How bout the fishnets and black stilettos in the living room?" OK.
He set me up with a few Tyra Banks type poses of just my crooked legs in the five inch heels. "I'm gonna need you to take the top off." OK.
We were only into the shoot for 15 minutes and already I was getting wet. Couldn't tell him that though. Focus.
"Ok, where's that shirt you wanted to wear of his, go put that on."
He had me pose leaning over the dining room table and chairs. Exposing just enough of my round ass to keep the progression flirtatious. I was told to talk as if I was on the phone with my husband having phone sex. How could I tell him that never happened? Flash.
"Spread your legs and fondle a breast at the same time". Nice. "You said you wanted to get some in the doorway? Let's see."
I struck a pose with my back to the door, pulled my hands through my hair and arched my back. "Come closer". He was on the floor and had the camera trained on me from the crotch up. I still had on hubby's purple dress shirt, a pair of silk lace thigh highs, black stilettos, and a black g-string...and the photographer is between my legs. If he removed the camera lens, all I would have to do is sit down to offer him a taste. Breathe. Focus. Flash.
He clears his throat. "Wow, um, why don't you change outfits and we can get some in your room". As I'm switching into the white bustier, with garter and thong to match, and change to the white stilettos, he pears into the room looking down at his camera, "Um, so you said your husband doesn't take care of you in here?" I don't look up but continued dressing. "I can't imagine why not...wait don't put the thong on yet, I want to get you putting them on really slowly".
I do as I'm told. I lay on my back with my legs crisscrossed just so the peak of my feminine V is showing over my hershey thighs. I arch my back slightly, hook an end of the g-string on to the back of my right heel, and slowly bring it towards me. It's a cool 73 degrees in the house but I feel like my pussy is on fire. I hope I don't start to leak in the pictures, not that I wouldn't find that extremely erotic, problem is my husband will want to know what got me so wet in the picture. Focus. Flash.
"Flip over".
I'm on my stomach. He gently lifts both my ankles upwards towards my behind. I feel him tug the left side of my g-string and place it over the heel of my right foot. I can picture what he's doing. I sent him this pose and told him I had to have it. His hands are on my waist pulling my ass in the direction of his hard black lens. My pulse is racing. My palms sweaty. He takes a few shots like that.
"Whew, um, let's...um...you said you have some of his ties?"
I point to the box on the floor. He forgot to disconnect me and quickly jumps back up to remedy the mistake. He riffles through the box and pulls out a few ties. And barely audible, he whispers, "Take off all of your clothes, if it's ok, I'm going to tie you up in these". Sure. He looks up in disbelief and smiles a devilishly coy smile.
Once I'm fully naked, he asks me to lay face down. He put my husband's blindfold on me and proceeds to tie me up in what feels like a hundred ties in a hundred knots. My arms are crossed tightly over my now quivering from nervous excitement ass, and my feet are bound taut. He applies the final tie by drawing it between my lovely chocolate cheeks and places it in my palm so that I'm actually pulling my heels. It's quiet.
Flash. "You're wondering where I am and what I'm doing, right?"
Flash. "You're thinking, what have I gotten myself into?"
Flash. "If I licked your ass right now, you couldn't do anything about it".
Flash. "I should have gagged you". Flash. Flash. Flash.
I say nothing. Remain still. Focused.
The blindfold is lifted slightly. His eyes piercing mine wide with fear and lust. "I can smell your pussy, and it is very inviting. I should thank you for letting me do this". Blindfold replaced.
I feel myself being shifted to open my legs more. I feel his cold hands snaking their way up my thighs. I feel his thumb lift the tie between my cheeks and fingers glide down towards my hot pulsating love box. He dips a finger in. I inhale. He adds another, then another. I lose count. I'm soaked and realize I'm whimpering. My shoulders hurt but I don't care. I want more. My husband will be home in less than an hour but I've wandered into this place of decadence and silk, no turning back. The bed sinks below me as my hips are raised to meet his hungry mouth. At first he just laps at my clit like a thirsty kitten. Slowly. Deliberately. I think I'm dreaming. With his fingers still dripping with my creamy essence he inserts one, then two into my third eye and I spasm. I'm still holding the tie and pull it and him deeper into my pussy. His tongue has long stopped introducing itself and is now having a full fledged conversation. Thrusting his tongue deeper and deeper into the folds of my vagina. Uh, Mm, Uh, Oh, Ooooooooooooh. I feel hot liquid being sucked and drained from me as I cum over and over again.
As I lay shuddering and trying to normalize my breathing, he removes the ties and places them back in the box. He removes the blindfold. Our eyes meet. He winks, licks his lips, and starts to pack up his equipment.
"Just in case your husband doesn't thank you properly for these pictures, I wanted to make sure someone did."Focus.
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Soul Powers said...

Fucking unbelievably HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! You let him tie you up???? Weren't you afraid he was a stalker or something??? I think I like you more and more! That was daring! I'm surprised he didn't pull his dick out and feed you right there. mm mmm mmmmmm!

You have a lucky husband to have such a naughty, naughty girl on his hands. I take it you're gonna book another session real soon. :)

Black Pearl said...

Soul P - I can only hope my husband appreciates all that I do for him!!

Confessor X said...

Whew....my word did it just get hot in here!!! My guess is that maybe you role played this with your husband, he was the one taking the pics???

Still one hell of a post sweetie, I'm really loving your work!