My Top 10 Sweet Ass Fantasies List

Top 10

  1. Role playing in public –meet the “stranger” and we go off to some sleazy location to fuck our brains out or do in the restaurant/club bathroom or park etc.
  2. Sexy Party – showing up to an unpublicized location where at midnight all clothes come off. You can just watch or indulge in various sex acts with the strangers you meet.
  3. Dominate him –
    Tie him up.
    Make him follow directions to perform sexual acts on me.
    If he wants something, he has to beg for it
  4. Voyeurism – have sex anywhere in public where possibly anyone can watch or we can get caught.
  5. Dominate me –
    Tie me up with his ties or sex ropes and be ravaged.
    Blindfolded and handcuffed
    Made to follow instructions or be punished by spanking or relentless teasing.
  6. Be the man – I have extreme penis envy and would love the opportunity to fuck someone with a strap-on whether male or female, primarily male to have that once in a lifetime opportunity to make a man my bitch.
  7. Camera ready – Pose for Playboy magazine or guest star in a porn. (Tee hee - can sorta check this off!!!)
  8. Lady like – have another woman pleasure me while my man watches and masturbates.
  9. No means No – yep, being the poor innocent virgin who gets thrown against the wall, hands pinned, panties ripped away and fucked hard!

    And the No. 1 Fantasy is…

    drumroll please…

  10. Double penetration – Yes! Sex with 2 men, one in my pussy and one in my ass!! The Ultimate Orgasm – I shall find it one day!!
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Anonymous said...

Your #1 is my #1 as well!!!
I also like a lot of your other items as well... ;-)

The Sexual Buzz said...

#1 I def agree! I've always liked this in fantasy but am not a one night stand kind of girl in real life, despite my love for sex. This is def on my list and I will be mentioning it to my man soon.
#4 Oddly I like this in fantasy but the few times we've tried it I've been to nervous. Ha;f my brain is somewhere else, listening for footsteps and voices coming instead of enjoying the sex. Also it tends to be more rushed, less forplay etc. I'm sure it can be good, but for me those seem to outweigh the pleasure.
#5 Yes please! Still trying to coach my man into it. His much bigger than me and says he can't enjoy it cause he's too worried of hurting me, even though we've talked about limts and safewords.
#9. Hmmm. This is one I struggle with too. Sometimes I love the idea and sometimes it terrifys the shit out of me (I am a survivor so no doubt there are lots of unresolved issues bouncing around there)

Soul Powers said...

Excellent list. Look forward to reading your journey there. I got a feeling you won't have a hard time getting #1 done. You probably already have a few ppl in mind, don't you??