Ban on Tighty Whities!!

I want to take a stand on the underwear conglomerate! There should be some type of law, or rule if you will, that prevents underwear companies like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom from making Tighty Whities for men! After a boy reaches the age of say 10, they should cease and desist from making them! I am so fucking tired of seeing grown ass men look like they are walking around wearing fucking diapers!! There needs to be a warning on the label that read: "IF YOU WANT YOUR WOMAN TO FALL COMPLETELY OUT OF LUST WITH YOU, THEN BUY THESE"!

A man wearing ribbed briefsImage via Wikipedia

Seriously?!?!?!?! -------> This is not sexy!!!

Ladies we need to boycott, write letters, start an email campaign, SOMETHING....we cannot let this atrosity continue in bedrooms across the nations!!


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Anonymous said...

LMAO-----you're right..I haven’t worn a pair of those since I was 12....the new sh!t for me is the Jockey Mesh joints....mid thigh of course...because it outlines my big eh eh eh ego....LMAO...I had to get about 6 pairs....it lets the BD breathe....LMAO....


Anonymous said...

I couldnt do the tighties either..LMAO @ the warning label...we should start a petition!!