The House Has Lifted the Ban!!

The Tightie Whities have left the mother fucking building!! Can the church say: AMEN! After our long talk about everything under the sun on Friday night and taking a picture of him in his tighties holding our son in his diaper to bring my point home, hubby finally suggested I try to find him briefs that are pleasing to my eyes. I did a little shopping and got him some blacks, blues, grays, reds, stripes, polka dots...basically everything the store offered except fucking diaper-ass white!! When he came home today, I got a mini-fashion show as he strutted around the house in nothing but a pair of black briefs...WHEW! I'm a happy horny woman, and to whoever mentioned the mesh boxer briefs - ALL PRAISES TO YOU!! THANKS A GABILLION!!! THEY'RE GREAT!!

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The Sexual Buzz said...

Lol. I can kind of relate. My man is very very tall so regular boxers always look a little awkward and short on him in my eyes. But i could care less. I just rip 'em off and go for the goods.