Nocturnal Chat #1

**These entries titled after the blog address will hopefully entertain, titillate, engage, or just make you go wake somebody up...happy reading.

It's 3:30am and I awaken to his head between my legs. Before I can question why or how, the heat of his gently licking courses from my clit to my eyelids. "Damn, baby are you drunk?" No reply as he continues to lick with intensity. Every other lick he sends ricochets up my spine by sticking his tongue in and out with a rhythm I didn't know he was capable of. My left hand hits the headboard while my right clutches at his head. "Honey, you forgot to close the door". No response just deeper plunges of his tongue into my hot walls. "But the kids!" He shoves two fingers sticky with my essence into my open questioning mouth. Who is this man? I'm lost in wave after wave of pleasure. "We're gonna wake the baby". Still he says nothing as he slides his tongue up my body all the way up to my neck where he pauses there to suck feverishly at the nape. Before I can register what has happened to my husband, he's inside of me, thrashing his dick around in ways that make my toes curl from unfamiliarity. We're in our typical missionary position, but tonight it's not so typical. He has his hands on my ass, squeezing between thrusts. I can't believe this is happening, this can not be happening to me. He sits up and throws my left leg over his shoulder and slow strokes me for a what seems like a delicious eternity. The top of his dick rubbing my clit ever so slightly gives me my third orgasm for the night...third orgasm? I haven't cum in months, now I've come three times. "Baby, how much did you drink?" As if to punish me for my incessant questioning, he pulls out. The abrupt halting of it sends me into a mini-orgasmic haze, I can't see straight. He's got his two middle fingers plunged deep into my pussy and is pulsating at the very base of my g-spot and I can't fucking believe it, I'm ejaculating all over the sheets. Just like any other brother out there, I've only had it happen a few times in my life and tonight it's happening for me. I'm blind with it, my body is contorted into this writhing, heaving, convulsing mass, and just when I think it can't get any better he stops, gets up, closes and locks the door, and switches on the fan. When he returns, he presents his dripping wet cock for me to suck him off and I eagerly take him into my mouth. The minute I have his tip and shaft between my lips, he offers me his, "Yeah, baby". And I'm in my zone, licking the head, sucking him in, licking the head, sucking him in. All the while his fingers dance inside of me making the bed wetter and wetter. I'm riding a wonderful shock of orgasms when he stops, flips me over on to my stomach, pulls me up on to my knees and slams his dick so hard into me that my head almost cracks the head board. My husband...my husband is really and truly fucking the ever-living shit out of me tonight! What ever the FUCK is happening in the universe - I LIKE IT!! I'm cumming more tonight than I have in the almost two years! I'm smiling...no scratch that...I'm cheezin like crazy as he grabs my hips and my ass and pumps his dick in and out of me like I was his last fucking meal! I've got the pillow so far down my throat it's raw, but I don't care. I'm reaching behind me and I'm clawing, punching, grabbing on him not ever wanting this feeling of being so utterly sexually free to end. He flips me front and then side and then back on my knees enduring my bites, my scratches, my harsh sucks and licks and all out wild abandon from me. My final question for the night, "What did you take?", is answered by a pounding that nearly renders me unconscious. The cumgasm that occurs sends me into what could only look like an epileptic seizure, but oh, how fucking sweet it is. As I lay there shivering with aftershocks, the tears fall, and the next thing I know I'm all out bawling. Now he takes my face and asks, "What's the matter?" My only response is to hiccup, "Why -why-why...can't we...do this...all...the...time?"

Hope I caught you with your pants down...now go do something naughty!!

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Anonymous said...


Dat sh!t got me going right now.....I am about to tear wifey up...whether she likes it or not.....I'll HOLLA.....


R. said...

Now that's some impressive ass shit! LOL!

Givin' me some ideas!