What's that smell?

I'm horrible, I know! They say that with the crisis of ovarian and uterine cancer women shouldn't douche anymore. Most GYN's are against it and even say to avoid most perfumed soaps when dealing with the va-jay-jay. My thought is this, after sex, guys can just wash their dicks off and the aromatic funk of sex gets washed down the drain, but us women, who are in monogamous relationships where condoms cease being applied, have to deal with a man's cum stuck up all inside us until it's good and ready to make its decent to our undies. No fair! Why does he get instant freshness and we're literally stuck with him all splashed up in our nether regions?? Yes, condoms would alleviate some of the issue, but most condoms leave behind thier own latex/silicone/rubbery smell too!! Someone needs to come up with a product, maybe similar to that of a gel insert, and we can call it...drumroll please...Cumaway! I know, I know, the name needs work, but you all get where I'm going with this. The commercial would sound something like:

"Are you tired of being handed a towel after sex,
while he get to freshen up his balls?
Well, not anymore!
Ladies, it's time for Cumaway!
Let modern technology rid you of
your man's starchy sperm in one little capsule!
So next time, instead of asking him to pass you a towel,
just ask him to pass the Cumaway,
and take that Cum AWAY!!"
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Anonymous said...

I would buy stock in that!

R. said...

Aint neva heard of pulling out? lol

Richard Grueso said...

What's the point of being in a monogamous relationship if I have to pull out all the time? I might as well be wearing a condom! Pulling out and spraying is for porn stars!

Black Pearl said...

Amen Dick!

Reformed Slut said...

Hmmm...I absolutely LOVE having cum in me...and I lvoe the way my pussy smells like sex and cum. Its dirty but I like dirty. Sometimes. its like my fun dirty little secret. ;-)