Happy HNT!!


This is my very first HNT (Half-Nekkid-Thursday) Post...Enjoy!!

Hello Girls! Yes, they're mine, and yes they're real (albeit got milk!)
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Confessor X said...

what a damn good way to get introduced to your blog, now to enjoy the rest...HHNT gorgeous!

R. said...

Simply breathtaking. I swear they make me so happy to look at. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I saw your post on Victoria’s site and followed your link to this blog.

Does your husband KNOW what he HAS?! Have you shared the REAL you with him? I can see so much of myself in you. I was HIGHLY sexed, and my ex wife could take it or leave it, which left me frustrated and unfulfilled. Because of that, I actually didn’t even fully appreciate my boy’s childhoods. Half of the time I lived in my own fantasy world.

Your young family puts HUGE time restraints on your relationship with your husband. Hang in there; it does get a little better. Unfortunately for me, my ex never knew the REAL sexual me, and our marriage ended after twenty some years.

I FINALLY found the woman of my dreams, and I HAVE dared share my true sexual self with her. She constantly tells me I am the sexiest man she has ever met. I am almost shocked she doesn’t think I am a pervert with ALL the things I want to do with her. Her TOTAL acceptance of me, and the joy we share as we do ALL the sexual things we do, has given me a contentment (and love for her!) that I never believed I would ever have. I am SO blessed!

What do you think would happen if you DID share your blog with your husband? I think he DESERVES to know the TRUE lady he married. We all have our sexual hang-ups (usually stemming from the way we were raised), but those “restrictions” also sometimes makes the exploration of sex even MORE exciting because of the “naughtiness” of it all. If you can share this VERY intimate part of yourself with him, it might help HIM to be able to share HIS deepest “darkest” secrets with you.

I am able to do that with my lady now, and that SPECIAL closeness and COMPLETE freedom to be ME, with NO secrets from each other, is the ULTIMATE! All those LOST years with my ex. But it also makes me APPRECIATE what I have now.

Don’t lose those years like I did. DO it with your husband. Do it ALL with him. If you can’t share EVERYTHING with man you love and have taken a vow to spend the rest of your life with, who CAN you share that special part of yourself with?! Remember, you’re HIS “dirty girl.” Let him KNOW who you are!

And I encourage you to keep up this blog too. I KNOW how much writing helps. From a man’s perspective, I’m just saying that if my ex would have been like you, my life would have been MUCH different.

By the way, NICE tits! Hope you let your hubby drink from them too! :)


PS – here are MY two blogs:

Anonymous said...

welcome to the HNT party

they're real and they're spectacular!