Nocturnal Chat #2

Highway Masturbation

It's a yucky rainy day and I have a ton of errands to run, but before I can do what I need to do, I have to stop by my honey's job to get my daily spending money. When I pull up to meet him, he's already waiting for me outside in his uniform. Chills. I stay in the car and he leans in to plant two soft kisses on my lips as he hands me my cash. We have a few moments of idle chit chat, and for no reason at all I reach my hand out of the window and stroke his dick. He doesn't shoo my hand away or even break eye contact to see if any of his co-workers are around. SSSSS Damn. He's got to go back to work and I need to get moving. He gives me two more kisses and I'm off on the road. The radio is playing shit so I throw on my Ipod and feel for some Prince. I have a slew of my favorite dirty Prince songs and my number one is Darlin Nikki. It starts playing and as I'm driving I'm imagining myself making him a sexy video starring me as Nikki. I'm literally driving and caressing my thighs, my legs, my breasts, and my lips as I lip-sync the lyrics. When it gets to my line "and Nikki started to grind", I can't help but put my hands between my legs and magically my fingers find my clit. Now I should have started this by stating:DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS! The more I sing the deeper my fingers go into my pussy and now I'm wet and singing and fantasizing about him coming home and finding me in the middle of my video shoot. I think of him punishing me by tying me up to the bed post face down with a gag in my mouth. I picture him roughly shoving his dick in my ass without taking the time to ease it in. I imagine myself screaming from the sheer sweet pain of receiving his lashes to my ass. The song is almost over and I'm squeezing my thighs tighter and tighter as I try ever so hard to keep my eyes focused on the wet open highway. Fuck. I'm so into my singing, gyrating, fingering that I'm oblivious to the other drivers and the thought of some horny ass truck driver watching me only makes me more horny. Shit. Prince is at the part where he's screaming, "Cum back Nikki, Cum back" and his freaky shrieking and that was it for me cuz in my head I was bucking against honey's power thrusts and creaming all over the sheets. By the time the song is over I am pleasantly shuddering. Wow. If this is what I can do driving...just imagine the possibilities.

They may need to come up with a new driving campaign, my bumper sticker should read:


Richard Grueso said...

So this is what women are doing while driving! No wonder they are such bad drivers! Did you at least get some when he got home?

R. said...

LOL. Hope no innocent ppl got killed durin' your pleasure-lude.