Nocturnal Chat #3

Don't Talk...Just Let Me

I'm washing dishes when he gets home from work. He doesn't say anything so I assume he's had another rough day. He goes out of his way to come plant a kiss on the back of neck on his way to the bathroom.

Shower's running.
The baby just went down for a nap and I welcome the quiet of the house.

Shower stops.
I continue the tedious task of washing the dishes.

He comes back into the kitchen naked. Odd. The windows are open. Must need something quick. He does. Me.

He walks up to me pulls my ponytail and wraps it around his fingers. Dick hard. He plants a rough, scratchy kiss on the nape of my neck and whispers, "Don't talk, just let me fuck you before the baby wakes up". Nipple pinch.

He pulls me by my ponytail into the bedroom and throws me on the bed face down. Skirt hiked up. Panties ripped off.

Dick slammed into my barely wet pussy. Pleasant ouch. He's got his fist inside my hair and is pulling the ponytail from the inside out. Grunting and heavy breathing.

Pussy starts getting wet for him. Purring softly as fingertips caress clit. Eyes shut. Cumming. Damn.

"What's for dinner?"

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~ Storm said...

Yeah that works for me!