Bonus Follow-up to TMI Tuesday...

...obviously inquiring minds want to know more!! So here are some of the extra questions:

From Bill -
  1. Any white meat? Can't say that I have
  2. "Too painful to go braless" because they are milk laden? Yes and no, they hurt b/c I have big boobs...you try to run up a flight of stairs without a bra and anything more than a "c" cup! LOL
  3. Did you take them yourself or did some other lucky person? Clearly bill didn't read Nocturnal Chat #6!! LMSAO

From undrcvrbd -

  1. have you forgotten all their names and faces? No, just the forgettable ones LOL
  2. does anyone in particular stand out? I can't say "anyone" but I do have my top 5 lovers prehubby (the h.s. sweetheart, the college student, the coworker, the friend, and the poet) - all of them had beautifully big dicks and knew how to work me in their own special ways
  3. What was the freakiest shit you've ever DONE sexually? A girl has to save some stuff to keep you all cumming back!
  4. And where's the freakiest/dangerous/strangest place you've HAD sex? I would have to say the most dangerous place I've ever had sex was with the co-worker after my bday party while he drove his wife's car...and I rode his big dick all the way home! Imagine if you were a cop on that pullover!!!!!

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