Nocturnal Chat #5


The double penetration sexual position.Image via Wikipedia

I'm home alone. It's late and I'm bored. Feeling horny but what else is new? I put on one of my favorite pornos, you know the one with nothing but scene after scene of double penetration. I open up my little drawer on the side of the bed to decide which of my toys will make my porn cum to life. Aha! I pick out my clear glass dildo and my sleek red vibrator. Now the big decision, which goes where? I take the glass vibrator, run it under the hot water, add the lube and slowly let it slide into my ass. By the time I'm ready to put the vibrator in, my pussy is trembling and dripping down my swelling lips. I lay down sideways and get his pillow to place between my thighs. I want him to go to sleep and wake up smelling nothing but my pussy. I start to slowly girate my hips as I watch this chick get her ass and pussy torn up by these two dick gods. I don't hear the alarm. The volume on the tv is on just loud enough so that their onscreen moaning coincides with my own. I feel him standing over me. "Can I join you?" I'm alternating licking my nipples and shake my head, "No". I hear him taking off his clothes as I remove the pillow, spread my legs, and start slowly pulling the glass dildo in and out of my ass causing my pussy to quiver. He stands over me and presents his hard dick. I slip a finger down my clit and shake my head, "No". I turn the vibrator on the highest speed and shove it as far into my wet pussy as it will go, the vibrations passing through to the dildo forces me to arch my back and grab the sheets. He's stroking his cock now directly in front of the tv. I flip to my stomach and shake my head, "No". I ignore him taking turns pulling the vibrator and dildo in and out...in and out...in and out...I feel the shock of my orgasm cresting and I squeeze my thighs tightly over my hands, my pussy, the dildo and the vibrator. I cum so hard that my toys slide out from the pulsating of my pussy walls and ass. I hear him inhale sharply and see the cum slide down his palm. I lick my fingers, reach for the remote, turn of the tv, and go to sleep. "Baby, that was fucked up".

"Yeah, I know".


Library Vixen said...

I love the pillow between the legs touch. HOT hot hot!

Bill said...

Very interesting image!

Just curious - have you ever had the pleasure of two hard cocks at once in real life?

Black Pearl said...

Hey Bill, now I haven't it's my #1 fantasy!! Came close once though!

Bill said...

Interesting. :) I'm pretty sure I know where you would like to FEEL those two cocks.

You would probably think my #1 fantasy would be to have two women at once, but actually it would be to help a husband or boyfriend give his lady the experience of having two hard cocks to do with as she wished. I have NO desire for male to male contact, only the COMPLETE pleasure of the woman.

If somehow you would actually experience this 3-some with your husband, how do you think you would feel about it after the fact?

Also, have you ever considered making a "wish list" of all the different things you'd like to try? It could then be used as a checklist. If you would create this list, do you think you would share it with your hubby?

I just created such a list (over 3 pages long!) and gave it to my wife this past weekend. She read it and informed me that they are all doable. :)

Confessor X said...

This my sweetie, sent me over the edge today!

Soul Powers said...

I couldn't post before, but I have to say this was erotic and skillfully descriptive... Oh, and some good assed payback! Hahahaha...

Richard Grueso said...

Poor man, but I would have jerked off right along with you. It would been a self pleasure exhibition night! Those can be fun too.

Great imagery. Wonder if this one is true? LOL If it is, he should take this as a hint! hahahahaha