What Makes a Freak a Freak?

I need some audience participation for this one! I want to know what do you all consider freaky or freaky behavior or someone being a freak. Give me some examples. The debate has come up in my bedroom several times, as well as a few of my friendly discussions with friends of the opposite sex. What makes a man or woman a freak in the bedroom (or car, or bathroom, or movie theater...LOL you get where I'm going)?

Gimme some freaky nasty!! I can't wait to hear (see) what you all think!!
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Soul Powers said...

Never get a clear answer on that one. Everyone has their own definition. I say, if you'd have some difficulty getting people to relate to a specific sexual desire, it just might be freaky. :) Freaky is, however, a fun thing to me.

Library Vixen said...

yeah, not sure if you will ever get a direct answer on this one. "Freak" can be vast, it can be good or bad, it can be kinky or are you outta your fuckin' mind...
It's subjective.

JSADTheKing said...

I agree with Soul P. that is a tough on to define and I feel that what may make one person a freak to some may not make that person a freak to others. Me I know I'm a freak lol and freaky is always fun.

Black Pearl said...

Alright, alright...should the appropriate question be:

What is/are some freaky things you have done? Or like to be done?

Work with me here people - LOL