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One of my blogger dudes suggested that the lack of response to What Makes a Freak a Freak? post is because everyone is waiting to see what I have to say on the subject. No one wants to make the first move, which I was shocked to see so many passive answers. Being that here in blogosphere we're all safe, unjudged, and having a good time with our sexual openness, it surprised me at the lack of unabashed freaky responses. I spoke to a few online peeps and real life folks to get a little list going of some Freaky. I understand that everyone's definition of "freak" is different, however, I did want to hear what YOU considered freaky in your own lives. With that being said, here's a little Sneaky Freaky list (some are mine you may recognize from previous posts and the rest are from what I'll call "Shy Folks")...Here we go:
  • Golden showers - having a man or woman drown your body with their hot golden liquid
  • strap-on sex - where one partner of the same or opposite sex puts on a strap-on dildo to fuck their partner either in the pussy or the ass
  • rape fantasy - playing the victim while someone forcefully takes sex or sexual favors from you
  • incestuous role play - acting out as mother/son, father/daughter, brother/sister sex fantasy
  • BDSM - desire to be humiliated/dominated or dominate sexually; want to inflict sexual pain or receive sexual pain for pleasure
  • exhibitionist - the urge to show body parts in public
  • cross-dressing - to dress as the opposite sex to gain stimulation and/or pleasure
  • animal play - erotic or sexual role play where one or all partners take on the behavior, appearance and mannerisms of a real/imaginary animal
  • fetishism - sexual arousal is achieved by an object, situation or particular body part
  • anal sex - (while normal for most it is still considered kinky/freaky to many)

There you have it! I did the research, posed the question, and those are the results. Hopefully, now that I've put some of them out there, you'll feel free to tell us about your kinkiest/freakiest sexual or non-sexual experience...maybe??

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Anonymous said...

Freaky? OK, lemme respond to your list first...
Golden showers - definitely freaky! Not into it, not interested, but if a guy I was with got off on it I would play along.
strap-on sex - definitely freaky! And definitely curious about it. If given the opportunity I'd use a strap on...with a M or F!
rape fantasy - freaky! I would totally love role playing this, however, only with the *right* person, and rules laid down firm.
incestuous role play - SUPER FREAKY! And I will admit, I have had daddy fantasies for YEARS!!! Never role played this to the extent I'd like, and I'd love to get into it someday. I've only recently opened up about fantasizing about this.
BDSM - freaky! Not interested in it myself, but definitley curious. I don't think hurting or pain involved with sex is all that hot. I'd have a hard time causing pain for pleasure, and forget about hurting me, I'd kick your muthafuckin ass if you tried it with me!
exhibitionist - not freaky - I think very common and normal
cross-dressing - maybe a lil freaky
animal play - SUPER FREAKY! And yeah, I'm opening admit, I'd had fantasies involving animals. Dogs, mainly.
fetishism - I think the term "fetish" brings to mind "freaky" for sure. I dated a guy witha foot fetish once and I think that's pretty freaky! ;-)
anal sex - not freaky...too normal

The things I'd add to the (SUPER) freaky list:
diaper and baby play
Poo play

Black Pearl said...

RS - YOU ARE MY HERO!! Thank you for your honesty and feedback!!!

*I'm with you on the GS
*Strap-on already on my to-do list
*ab-so-fucking-lutely on the rape fantasy rules!!
*incentuous - crossed my mind for a hot minute
*BDSM - i would love to inflict some pain on my poor unsuspecting hubby...love how you'd kick some motherfucking ass!! ;-)
*exhibitionist and crossdressing - agreed!
*animal play - verdict still out on that one
*fetishism - think it depends on the object that can make it freakier than normal
anal - ditto!

Soul Powers said...

I've watched those animal play vids... You gotta check the one with horses and women... Insane and a bit erotic! (WHA! DID I SAY THAT!) LOL.

Not into piss and scat play, don't think it's freaky either.

Tranny (M-to-F) on Girl is uber freaky to me. Love watching it. Wouldn't mind being a voyeur in a room. :)

I like getting footjobs! If she has good arches, it is fuckin' fantastic! And it's fun to bust a fat one all over some pretty soles. (get it? Soul to Sole...)

Don't forget BDSM is an acronym, doesn't have to be painful.. But, I do love Bondage. In fact, I'm getting some new rope next weekend. I like tying women up and lashing them with my tongue and feeding them this beautiful dick of mine. (Yup, I said beautiful, wanna see?)

Oh, and I have a couple cousins I would LOVE to give a stiffy to. LOL. Hey what can I say, they're hot! LOL

Black Pearl said...

Soul - now we're getting somewhere!!!

I wonder who's going to be on the delicious end of that new rope!!

Hope to see this "alleged" beautiful dick of yours on the next HNT!

Bill said...

Hey, what about MY dick? :)

Bill said...

Okay, are we looking for confessions here? :)

I am the one who enjoys a golden shower with my partner. I like when she squats over me, as we hold hands, and releases a stream, drenching my cock. I love to watch her golden liquid leave her crotch and feel her warm urine splash against my cock and belly. I kind of think of it as a lioness marking her territory. She then asked me to return the favor, which I did. It is VERY intimate.

I am also the one who enjoys incest fantasy role playing. Love to suck on my mom’s big tits and then ram my cock up into her – into the cunt from which I came – and then shoot MY cum up into her. She takes GOOD care of her baby.

Also corresponded with a lady (years ago) who was into fucking dogs. Her husband helped her and took pictures. Then I almost met a lady who wanted me to help her get her dog to fuck her. I wasn’t really into a dog fucking a woman until she got SO excited about it and wanted me to help her. I have to admit, our discussions got pretty intense. The dog enjoyed licking her pussy, and I’m pretty sure I could have helped the dog mount her. She really did want that dog’s cock up inside her.

Guess I have a BIG tit fetish. Fortunately my wife satisfies this fetish COMPLETELY. Her fabulous tits are between 36DD and 36DDD. I love watching her walk around topless and am SO glad she allows me to take so many photos of her magnificent endowment! And she gives them to me whenever I want them. :)

Blackpearl, I think it is time you MAKE hubby drink from your milk laden tits. This MIGHT be the last time he can do it – unless you have a THIRD kid.

Although there is NO way I want my partner to FUCK me, I DO want her to pose for photos in my strap-on dildo. There is just something EROTIC seeing a woman wearing a strap on cock! I can’t explain it, but it is FUCKING HOT!

So, am I a freak? LOL